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Icom support Jetski team

Icom support Jetski team

Icom is pleased to be supporting Pierats, the UK’s premier Jetski display team. The team of five compete in personal watercraft (PW) championships and put on stunning displays throughout the UK and internationally.

During their events the team use Icom IC-M71 handhelds for communications with event organisers and safety officials as much of their time is spent waiting to enter the main show area.

Gary Gregg, team leader said, “The reason we chose Icom is that we didn’t want to be worrying about reliability of radios at events. We really have to keep our minds on exactly what we are doing, as we are often stretching ourselves and our skis to the limit. We know Icom won’t let us down”.

Pierats make up a large part of the top ten freestyle skiers in the UK and their accreditations include British Freestyle Champion 2006, FNT Champion 2006 and 2006 world Champion. Gary Gregg is currently in 1st place in the British National Tour for 2007.

Over the last eighteen months Pierats have appeared at the London Boatshow, London International Motor Show, Portsmouth jetski Gala, Cardiff on the Water Front, Thundercat UIM P750 World Championship, Colerain Riverfest and in Ibiza. Later on this year the team are lined up to appear at HOPE fundraiser Six Hills, and Whiteair 2007. For more information on Pierats visit

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