VHF Marine Transceiver (Discontinued)

The IC-M71 VHF marine handheld transceiver is designed as the successor to the immensely popular IC-M1EuroV and builds on the ‘ground breaking achievements' of its predecessor by setting new standards in design, waterproofing and battery technology.

This product is no longer available. If you are looking for a replacement, please visit the IC-M73 Professional VHF Marine Transceiver product page or the IC-M73PLUS Professional VHF Marine Transceiver product page.

Stylish, Slim Design
The IC-M71 has a stylish, ergonomic design. A durable and rugged body provides for user-friendly operation and long life.

Advanced Waterproof Protection
The IC-M71 provides advanced waterproof protection to 1.5m depth for 30 minutes, equivalent to IPX8 rating, a first for the market place. Use this radio in the rain, snow or any other severe weather conditions!

Improved High-Power Output of 6W
The IC-M71 has improved output power of 6 Watts which will provide extended communication range for the user. This is another first for a VHF marine handheld in this market.

600mW Audio Output Provides Loud & Clear Audio
The IC-M71 employs a bridge-tied load (BTL) audio amplifier to increase the audio output power. Its internal speaker delivers a loud 600mW audio output with clear sound even in noisy environments. In addition, a water draining support function ejects water from the speaker grille with low frequency sound.

Standard High Capacity 2000mAh Li-Ion Battery Pack
The IC-M71 comes with a standard 2000mAh Lithium-Ion battery pack, BP-245 that provides up to 15-16 hours* operating time.
* Duty cycle: 5:5:90.

BC-166 'Smart Charger' Supplied As Standard
The standard BC-166 charger indicates when your battery has been charged. After approximately 10 hours when the battery has been charged the light will change from Orange to Green. After approximately. 13 hours the charger will automatically switch itself off.

Opening Comment Function
Displays user, ship, or group name etc. when power is turned ON

High Resolution LCD with Clear, Easy to Read Characters and Wide Viewing Angle
A wide viewing angle, high resolution LCD is used in the IC-M71, offering bright, easily read characters. The LCD’s contrast and backlight are adjustable in 2-levels.

2 Versions Available (With or Without Voice Scrambler)
The IC-M71 is available with a 32-code voice scrambler circuit incorporated as standard. This is the equivalent to the UT-112 scrambler, which will allow you to communicate with other current IC-M1EuroV’s with UT-112 scramblers. This will allow you to talk to colleagues without other parties hearing your conversations.
Please note that you require authorisation on your licence to use this feature. This will require you to get your licence amended.

VOX Function for Hands Free Operation
With the OPC-1392 headset adapter cable you can use a variety of optional HS-94, HS-95 or HS-97 headsets*. The IC-M71 has VOX (Voice Operated Transmit) capability for hands-free operation. Also, the VOX gain and VOX delay time are adjustable.
* Headsets, HS-94, HS-95 and HS-97 and OPC-1392 are not waterproof.

Wide Range of Accessories Available
An extensive range of accessories is available. The IC-M71 shares many accessories with the IC-M1EuroV.

Ideal for a Large Range of Commercial & Leisure Users
The multi featured IC-M71 is an ideal transceiver for a variety of commercial and leisure boat owners. The advanced features will appeal to a range of commercial operations such as sea-transport companies, Marinas and Port Authorities as well as Search and Rescue organisations such as HM Coastguard, RNLI and National Coastwatch stations. Such will be the value of this radio that it will appeal to a range of leisure craft users from Jetskiers to ocean going yachtsmen.

IC-M71 Additional Features
• Auto scan function starts scanning automatically, when receiving no signal for a preset time.
• 70 programmable private channels available.
• 4-level battery power indicator.
• 2-step power save mode for longer battery life.
• Self check function at power ON tells you that the radio is functioning correctly.
• Selectable beep sound for operating buttons.
• Optional waterproof speaker microphone, HM-125

  • Dimensions: 52.5(W)×125(H)×30(D) mm(projections not included)
  • Weight (approx.): 280g (with BP-245 and antenna)
  • Slim, stylish design, user-friendly operation.
  • Powerful 6W of output power providing extended communication range.
  • Standard high capacity 2000mAh Li-Ion battery pack.
  • Advanced waterproof construction equivalent to IPX8 protection (1.5 metres/30 minutes).
  • 600mW AF output power provides loud and clear audio.*(* At 10% distortion with an 8Ωload)
  • High resolution LCD display with wide viewing angle.
  • 4-step battery life indicator & 2-step power saver.
  • 70 programmable channels.
  • VOX function for hands free operation
  • 2 versions available (with or without voice scrambler).
  • Wide range of accessories available.
  • Auto scan function starts scanning automatically, when receiving no signal for a preset time
  • 70 programmable private channels available.
  • 4-level battery power indicator.
  • 2-step power save mode for longer battery life.
  • Flexible short-type antenna FA-S64V has improved gain over current IC-M1EuroV antenna.
  • Self check function at power ON tells you that the radio is functioning correctly.
  • Selectable beep sound for operating buttons
  • Optional waterproof speaker microphone, HM-125
  • BC-06
    UK 12v 1Amp charger.
  • BC-145
    AC adapter for BC-119N & BC-144
  • BC-166
    Smart desktop charger (requires BC-01)
  • BC-197N
    Multi-charger. Rapidly charges up to six batteries. Requires BC-157 and six adapters.
  • BC-210
    Rapid Charger (Charges the BP-245N in 2.5 hours)
  • BP-245/N/H
    7.4V/2000mAh Li-Ion battery pack
  • CP-25H
    Cigarette lighter cable for use with the BC-204
  • FA-S64V
    Flexible short-type antenna
  • HM-167
    The HM-167 has been designed for marine users who require a lightweight IPX7 waterproof speaker microphone. The HM-167 enables the IC-M71/M90 or GM1600E VHF's to be safely stowed in a pocket for hands free communication.
  • HS-94
    Headset (Ear-piece type)
  • HS-95
    Hands-free operation. Requires VS-1/1L/1SL VOX unit for use.
  • HS-97
    (Earphone with Throat-mic)
  • MB-103
    Alligator Type Belt clip for BP-208N, BP-209N, BP-210N, BP-211N, BP-222N battery packs
  • MB-86
    Swivel Belt Clip
  • OPC-1392
    Headset Adapter Cable For VOX hands-free operation
  • OPC-478UC
    USB Cloning Cable - 3.5mm plug type for IC-F3022 series
  • OPC-515L
    DC lead for battery chargers
  • OPC-656
    DC Power Cable (for use with BC-121)
  • OPC-922
    Cloning Cable Adapter
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