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ICOM helps local youth to Sail His Dream

ICOM helps local youth to Sail His Dream

This summer Jack Daly, a 16 year old boy from Herne Bay, will be heading off on a long awaited fundraising sailing trip around the UK. ICOM has provided Jack with an IC-M421 VHF and an IC-M71 VHF Portable so that he may stay in constant contact with his support team throughout his endeavour. Not content with the already massive burden of GCSE study and exams that he faces over the next few months, this extraordinary young man plans to sail singlehandedly around the UK in an attempt to raise money for Sailability (Royal Yachting Association).

Jack has been training for this event for a number of months and has had extensive work done on the Mk II Newbridge Corribee, ‘Padiwak’ that he will be attempting the challenge in. His plan is to sail for 7-8 hours per day over the 10 week schedule, over-nighting in marinas and safe anchorages whenever possible. He hopes to start sailing not long after finishing his last exams in June.

The charity that Jack will be raising funds for, Sailability (RYA) supports sailors with disabilities, allowing them to achieve and fully experience the same exhilaration, enjoyment and confidence felt by able-bodied sailors – along with all the great social activities and competition opportunities that arise. Jack volunteers at the Sailability group based at Westbere Sailing club and through this work Jack has been has inspired to raise funds for the charity.

The radio equipment ICOM has supplied will be used primarily for safety, although the radios will support him in a number of ways. ICOM provided both a fixed and handheld unit to allow Jack some flexibility whilst sailing, such as the ability to be on the deck rather than cockpit when coming into port. Jack commented on the ICOM radios saying, “The radios will be used everyday, from listening to national weather forecasts to listening to a harbour masters instructions on how to enter a small fishing port. They are a key safety feature and also very reassuring knowing that if you need to contact someone the radios are there. Also now with DSC I will be able to contact certain stations directly making the whole process quicker.”

He also added, “I would like to thank ICOM for the excellent support throughout the build up to the trip, without kind donations like ICOM’s the trip would not be possible.”

ICOM would like to wish Jack the best of luck on his trip round the UK!

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