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Introducing the all new AIS Receive Version of our IC-M510 VHF/DSC Marine Radio

Introducing the all new AIS Receive Version of our IC-M510 VHF/DSC Marine Radio

The latest addition to our line-up of marine products is the AIS RX version of the IC-M510, our stylish VHF/DSC with a large easy to read full colour display also offering secondary control using our Smartphone App.

The IC-M510 fixed-mount marine transceiver is suitable for both leisure or commercial vessels with its elegant yet rugged, waterproof Icom build quality. Packed with great features, our new model now offers the ability to receive AIS signals (AIS version only) so users can see surrounding vessel traffic in real-time and make individual DSC calls to selected targets.

Users can command and control the IC-M510 from a smartphone using the RS-M500 app (iOS and Android) through its built-in WLAN transmitter. With access points, users can extend the range of the IC-M510's connection throughout the vessel. Up to three smartphones can be programmed into an onboard system.

With nearly half the depth of the previous model, many installation options are possible. The 3.5-inch colour TFT LCD screen provides a wide viewing angle with high-resolution characters and icons, viewable in low light with night mode. A rear connection port allows for an additional wired station using the HM-195GB Commandmic.

NMEA2000 connectivity and a two-way hailer/foghorn function can be added with the optional CT-M500 interface box. The CT-M500 wirelessly connects to the IC-M510, allowing for flexible installation. Other features include loud and clear audio, simplified navigation function, active noise cancellation, an IP68 waterproof rating and Icom's AquaQuake draining feature.

The IC-M510 (AIS Receiver Version) is now available from Icom Marine Dealers with a suggested retail price of £689.99 (inc.VAT).

The standard version of the IC-M510 is available with a suggested retail price of £629.99 (inc.VAT).

To view a video introducing both versions of the IC-M510, click on 'Video: IC-M510 Icom Class-D DSC Fixed Mount VHF Marine Transceiver with Smartphone Control'.

For further information about this new model, visit the IC-M510 VHF/DSC Marine Radio with AIS Receiver Product Page .

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