IC-703 Foundation Licence/QRP Transceiver (Discontinued)

In the world of HF/50MHz portable communications, the IC-703 incorporates all the practicality and technical expertise of the IC-706MKIIG, but does so with an emphasis on portability and economy. A built-in antenna tuner, built-in DSP unit, 10W of output power, an optional external battery pack and carrying case for portable operation allow the IC-703 to have base station ability with all the portable convenience of a mobile rig. This is ideal radio for the foundation licensee, QRP enthusiast or any Radio Amateur who wants a convenient HF portable unit.

Built-in automatic antenna tuner
The IC-703 has an automatic antenna tuner built in to its compact body. The antenna tuner covers 1.8MHz to 54MHz. Field and mobile operation are made simple and efficient, especially when using a short length antenna covering narrow bandwidth. Latch relays are used in the antenna tuner to greatly reduce the power consumption. A built-in antenna tuner eliminates the need to carry one with you.

DSP included
The built-in DSP unit provides superior receive performance. The noise reduction function helps pick out the signal buried in noise. The automatic notch cuts beat interference which is useful for FM and SSB operation.

Newly developed PA unit
A stable 10W output power (4W in AM mode) is provided by the newly designed PA unit, when 13.8V DC is supplied. The IC- 703 provides 5W output (2W in AM mode), while operating at 9.6V DC (9.6V¡V11V) or with the optional battery pack.

High sensitivity receiver
The IC-703 achieves a high sensitivity of 0.16µV* in SSB, CW and RTTY modes within HF bands, on par with that of a base station transceiver. The IC-703 provides excellent sound reproduction of both faint and strong signals even in crowded band conditions.
* 0.18µV for 50MHz band

Max. power set function
Precise maximum output power settings (10/5/2.5/1/0.5W) are selectable, instead of hi/low only power settings. The power meter automatically adjusts its measurement range according to the max. power setting.

External battery pack and carrying case
The optional 9.6V, 2800mAh Ni-Cd battery pack provides up to 8 hours of operating time at 5W output. The IC-703 and the battery can be packed into the carrying case, LC-156, making the IC-703 a go anywhere portable rig.

Current consumption control
To save power consumption, the IC-703 has a current consumption control setting. When ¡§Auto¡¨ is selected, the IC-703 automatically detects the power supply voltage and reduces the current consumption while operating with the external battery pack (or less than 11V power source). A LCD backlight timer setting also controls the LCD backlighting depending on the power supply voltage. A duty-cycle control setting further reduces current consumption in stand-by mode.

Detachable Controller
The controller head can be separated from the main unit. This allows flexible installation for use in vehicles, as well as an out of the way set-up in your shack or during portable (manpack) operation. Microphone connectors are standard on both the controller and main unit. Separation cables, OPC-581/OPC-587 (3.5m/5m), are available.

High frequency stability
A high stability TCXO unit is adopted for the oscillator, to achieve „b0.5ppm high frequency stability. This is ideal for stable operation during continuous operation of PSK3, RTTY or SSTV. Ample functions for CW operators
- Built-in 3 channel memory keyer with 50-character capacity.
- Electronic keyer with a variable dot/dash ratio.
- CW reverse function to reduce adjacent interference.
- CW pitch can be adjusted in the range of 300-900Hz.
- CW narrow mode (optional CW narrow filters required).
- Full break-in (QSK) is available.
- Paddle polarity reverse functions.
- Bug-keyer simulation mode.

IF shift
IF shift is effective in reducing adjacent frequency interference and enables comfortable operation even under crowded band conditions, such as contests. The IF shift setting condition is graphically indicated on the LCD.

Spectrum scope function
The Spectrum scope function sweeps 14 steps from the displayed frequency and plots received signal strength on the function display. This function is useful for checking band conditions.

SWR graphic function
The SWR graphic function is convenient for using the IC-703 in the field. It measures and plots the SWR within a specified frequency range.

2 Year Warranty
The IC-703 comes with a standard 2 year warranty and complies with recent E-Marking legislation

IC-703 Additional Features
• Digital S-meter with speak-hold function
• Variable SSB carrier-point
• Amber LCD backlight
• Auto tuning step function
• Speech compressor
• Bandstacking register
• Built-in pre-amplifier
• RIT, VOX and noise blanker are standard
• CI-V system capability
• Fanless cooling system provides silent operation
• RTTY (FSK) mode available 9600bps data terminal on rear panel
• Total 105 memory channels Combined SQL and RF gain control knob
• Optional voice synthesiser, UT-102

  • The perfect radio for the foundation licensee. Base, mobile, portable; it's your choice.
  • Aimed also at the serious QRP enthusiast.
  • Built-in automatic antenna tuner
  • DSP included
  • 1.8¡V54MHz receive coverage
  • Up to 10W output power depending on power source
  • High sensitivity receiver
  • Current consumption control
  • High frequency stability (¡Ó0.5 ppm)
  • Compliant with the latest E Marking Directive
  • 2 year parts and labour warranty
  • AH-2B
    Mobile whip & bracket
  • AH-4
    100W HF Automatic Antenna Tuner can be used with a variety of Icom HF Amateur radios.
  • CT-17
    CI-V level converter (communications interface)
  • FL-222
    SSB Narrow filter (455kHz crystal filter. 1.8kHz/–6dB)
  • FL-257
    SSB Wide filter (455kHz crystal filter. 3.3kHz/–6dB)
  • HM-103
    Hand Microphone with PTT and modular (telephone) type plug.
  • LC-156
    Icom radio rucksack, originally for the IC-703 QRP mobile
  • MB-120
    Control Head Mounting Base
  • MB-62
    Mobile mounting bracket
  • MB-63
    Mobile mounting bracket (front panel)
  • MB-72
    Carrying Handle for Icom IC-706MKIIG and IC-703
  • OPC-581
    Separation cable (3.5m)
  • OPC-587
    Separation cable (5m)
  • OPC-589
    Microphone adapter cable
  • OPC-599
    Accessory extension cable
  • PS-125
    Switching power supply for HF/VHF base station transceivers. The major difference between the PS-125 and our current model PS-85 is its capacity. The PS-125 has a maximum 25 A capacity.
  • SM-20
    Desktop microphone
  • SP-10
    Mobile extension speaker (5W 4OHM)
  • UT-102
    Voice synthesiser unit announces the operating mode, frequency and signal strength level, etc.
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