IC-F34G/F44G Advanced Handheld Radios (Discontinued)

Whether you are a large-scale construction site, warehouse, hospital or shopping centre, the new IC-F34G/F44G series provides the built-in flexibility to handle your communication needs. Offering advanced features including a wide frequency range, multiple signalling and loud audio, the IC-F34G/F44G series is a rugged and reliable 2-way communications tool.

4 Versions Available
IC-F34GS VHF transceiver, 5W, without keypad
IC-F34GT VHF transceiver, 5W, with keypad
IC-F44GS UHF transceiver, 4W, without keypad
IC-F44GT UHF transceiver, 4W, with keypad

Lithium-Ion Battery Pack + Rapid Charger, Standard
The IC-F34G/F44G series is supplied with the BP-231 Li-Ion battery pack and BC-160 desktop rapid charger as standard. An optional BP-232 larger capacity battery pack and BP-230 economical battery packs are also available. Lithium-Ion batteries provide larger capacity and a longer operating time than a Ni-Cd or Ni-MH battery pack and allow flexible charging without memory effect.

Small & Lightweight Body
The IC-F34G/F44G series weighs just 300g and measures only 53x120x32.5mm. The aluminium die-cast chassis and polycarbonate casing combination meets MIL Specifications and has been designed for durability. A rugged dual-rail guide securely locks the battery to the back of the radio.

Wide Frequency Coverage
The IC-F34G/F44G series covers a wide frequency range (400¡V470MHz). The series also has wide, middle and narrow channel spacing (25, 20, 12.5kHz)* selectable per channel.
* Cannot program 25 and 20 kHz at the same time.

Alphanumeric LCD
The series incorporates an 8-character 14 segment alphanumeric LCD. An automatic LCD backlight is employed for night-time operation.

Multi 2-Tone/5-Tone Function Built-In
The IC-F34G/F44G series has built-in 2-Tone, 5-Tone, CTCSS and DTCS signalling for group communication or selective calling. The IC-F34G/F44G series can decode ten 2-tone codes or eight 5-tone codes on a channel. When a matched tone is received, various actions are programmable for each code (E.g. answer back calls, beep sounds, bell icon, stun/kill, auto transmission, external out etc.)

256 Memory Channels, Rotary Channel Knob
The IC-F34G/F44G series has maximum 256 programmable channels with 16 banks. With a simple rotation of the rotary channel knob, memory channel can be selected.

Programmable Functions
Up to 8 programmable buttons, [P0]¡V[P3], [„°], [„²], [Monitor] and [Red button] can be assigned with additional functions to meet a variety of requirements.

Built-In Voice Scrambler
The IC-F34G/F44G series has a built-in inversion type voice scrambler as standard. By installing an optional voice scrambler unit, UT-109 or UT-110, more secure communication can be possible.

BIIS 1200 Compatible
The following selective calling and data features are available with the built-in BIIS system.

32 Abbreviated Call Memories
7 Group IDs
24-Status Messages
Send 8-Character SDM (Short Data Message)
Receive Up To 95 Characters of Free Text

  • Compact and lightweight body
  • Wideband frequency coverage
  • 8-character alphanumeric display
  • Multi 2-tone and 5-tone function built-in
  • 256 memory channels
  • Built in Voice scrambler
  • BIIS 1200 compatible
  • Li-Ion battery pack and desktop rapid charger supplied as standard
  • Flash ROM CPU for future firmware upgrade
  • 2 year warranty on transceiver, 1 year warranty on accessories.
  • Built-in audio compander (same as IC-F31G series and IC-F510 series)
  • Flash-ROM CPU for future firmware updates
  • Optional headset and speaker microphone available
  • Power on password
  • 2-step Power save function
  • AD-106
    Charger adapter for use with BC-119N/121N.
  • BC-119N
    Universal Icom Fast Charger
  • BC-121N
    Six Way Rapid Multi Charger
  • BC-145
    AC adapter for BC-119N & BC-144
  • BC-160
    Desktop Rapid Charger designed to work with the Icom BP-230, BP-231 and BP-232 Li-ion battery packs.
  • BP-230N
    Voltage/Capacity - 7.4V/800mAh Li-ion Battery
  • BP-232/N/H/WP
    Voltage/Capacity - 7.4V/2000mAh Charge time (approx.) - 1.5 hours
  • EARPIECE.003
    Ear-piece for most Icom handhelds (3.5mm jack. RX only)
  • FA-SC24V
    Antenna (136-150 MHz)
  • FA-SC25U
    UHF antenna for 400-430 MHz
  • FA-SC55V
    Icom VHF Antenna (150-174 MHz).
  • FA-SC57U
    UHF Antenna (430-470 MHz)
  • FA-SC57VS
    Stubby antenna 160 -174MHz
  • FA-SC72U
    FA-SC72U UHF antenna for 470-520 MHz
  • FA-SC73US
    Stubby antenna 450 -470MHz
  • HM-128/L
    The lightweight earphone mic. has a compact microphone with PTT switch that clips to your lapel.
  • HM-131 (L/SC)
    Speaker Microphone
  • HM-153/L
    PMR Hand Microphone
  • HM-158L
    PMR and Amateur radio hand microphone
  • HM-159SC/L
    Heavy-duty hand microphone.
  • HM-166/L/LP
    The HM-166/L/LP earphone/microphone series have been designed for commercial users and active amateur radio operators who want extra durability at a great price.
  • HS-94
    Headset (Ear-piece type)
  • HS-95
    Provides Hands-free operation.
  • HS-97
    Earphone with Throat-mic
  • MB-103
    Alligator Type Belt clip
  • MB-93
    Swivel belt clip
  • MB-94
    Alligator type belt-clip
  • MB-96
    Swivel type belt hangar for use with BP-208N, BP-209N, BP-210N, BP-211N, BP-222N battery packs.
  • MB-96N
    Swivel type leather belt hanger (Swivel joint of the MB-86 is required).
  • OPC-478
    Cloning Cable (PC to transceiver)
  • OPC-478U
    Cloning cable (USB cable, PC to receiver)
  • OPC-656
    DC Power Cable (for use with various chargers)
  • UT-109
    The UT-109 02 is a high-performance, non-rolling voice scrambler board available with up to 32 codes.
  • UT-110
    Scrambler (inversion & rolling)
  • UT-113
    Man Down Unit
  • UT-124/R
    Man-down unit aimed at commercial users.
  • VS-1/L
    Vox/PTT switch unit for use with the HS-94, HS-95, HS-96 & HS-97.
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