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IC-M601 "seeing is believing"

IC-M601 "seeing is believing"

Icom UK are pleased to announce that its flagship IC-M601 combined VHF/DSC can now offer an important new safety feature. When combined with a compatible plotter/sounder, it is now possible to get a visual representation of an incoming DSC distress. Currently, at time of printing, ours is one of the few VHF/DSC on the market that can do this.

Using the NMEA output of the IC-M601 the received DSC distress call data is displayed on the compatible plotter/sounder. The end user has the option to plot the information as a waypoint or directly show it on the chart. If you send a "position request" from the IC-M601 to another DSC compatible vessel the received information can also be directly indicated on the plotter/sounder. Currently this function will work on some manufacturers plotters/sounders, although some models may need software upgrades.

Jon Brooks, Marine Dealer Manager for Icom (UK) said,’ I feel this is an excellent safety feature and will be of great use for many end users especially those cruising in company. It also shows a very practical use of advancing technology.' He added, 'This new feature will be of benefit to the emergency services who are looking to locate end users in distress’

Brooks added,' Although this is a fantastic new feature, we don't advocate that the average leisure boat owner undertakes to use this feature for Search and Rescue. It is the remit of Her Majesty's Coastguard to co-ordinate and allocate resources as they see fit. If you have any questions about this facility please contact Jon Brooks at Icom on 01227 741741 or via email at

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