IC-M601 Waterproof Fixed Combined VHF/DSC (Discontinued)

The IC-M601 is Icom's first combined VHF/DSC marine transceiver. Ideal for all leisure boat users, the IC-M601 boasts excellent performance, user-friendly operation, and multiple functions making it probably the finest combined marine VHF/DSC on the market.

This product is no longer available. If you are looking for a replacement, then please visit the IC-M605EURO Multi Station VHF/DSC Radio with AIS Receiver product page.

The IC-M601 meets ITU Class D DSC requirements. An independent Ch.70 receiver is built-in for continuous DSC watch, and only one antenna is required for Ch.70 and VHF operations.

The optional HM-134B COMMANDMIC™ provides a 2nd and/or 3rd station capability and an intercom function . With slim dimensions and a sizeable LCD, the COMMANDMIC™ offers the ease and convenience of operating the radio from remote locations such as the cockpit or fly bridge up to a maximum distance of 21m.

When connected to a two-way hailer horn, communication with other boats and deck or dock hands is easy. The built-in amplifier increases talk power to 22W making your message loud and clear. Four fog horn patterns are available for the automatic fog horn, adding further to the safety of the vessel.

The IC-M601 has a standard 4" tall front panel, to blend into your cabin console or dashboard. This generous front panel provides large function switches and a wide LCD with the largest channel numbers available in any marine VHF. The IC-M601 has a capability of up to 168-characters on a full dot-matrix display that allows a host of information such as GPS data and DSC emergency data etc. to be seen instantly and easily. The backlit display, large 10-keypad buttons and knobs make the IC-M601 easy to operate.

The IC-M601 features a large speaker (66mm in diameter) that can produce very loud and clear reception without requiring repetition of the message, even over engine or other background noise. The IC-M601 has excellent receiver performance of more than 75dB for spurious response and intermodulation rejection. With such a high level of performance, received calls are remarkably clear and free from noise. The powerful audio output from the front-facing speaker further increases the clarity of received calls.

To withstand all demands of the marine environment, the IC-M601 has a tough, waterproof body equivalent to JIS Grade 7.

  • JIS-7 equivalent waterproofing
  • Class D DSC built-in (Independent Ch. 70 receiver built-in)
  • Only one antenna is needed for both VHF and Ch. 70 receiver.
  • Simple user-friendly operation of all functions via large 10-key pad and dial
  • Large full dot matrix LCD
  • 2-way 22W hailer built-in (Front/Rear selectable)
  • Automatic foghorn (22W)
  • Simultaneous connection of two COMMANDMIC’s is possible (Allows for 2nd and 3rd station capability and intercom capability)
  • Large front-facing speaker for clear audio
  • Standard waterproof speaker-microphone is detachable. (Speaker/Microphone connector is located on the front panel. Microphone connection on the rear panel is possible with a modification.)
  • Optional 32 codes voice scrambler unit available (Requires optional UT-112)
  • Backlit LCD and keypad are adjustable in 7 different levels
  • MB-75
    Marine Flush Mount Kit
  • UT-112
    The UT-112 Voice Scrambler allows private VHF communication when using the Icom IC-M501E, IC-M506GE and IC-M605EURO.
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