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Canadian Navy Equipped with Icom IC-M601

Icom Canada has supplied the Canadian Department of National Defence (Canadian Navy) with IC-M601 Class D DSC VHF fixed mount marine transceivers.

The Department of National Defence will use these radios to upgrade the entire Canadian Naval fleet with Class D DSC marine radios.

Canadian Navy warships routinely communicate with other warships, Coast Guard and Department of Fisheries vessels, fishing boats, commercial vessels and local port authorities using their VHF radio as their primary means of establishing communications.

In order to meet current and future operational requirements the marine radio system had to be replaced. Amongst stiff competition the IC-M601 was chosen for its superior features, versatility and performance.

The IC-M601’s will be installed in a vast array of marine vessels including major warships, fleet replenishment tankers, minesweepers, submarines, scientific research vessels, shore facilities and auxiliary vessels including large and small tug boats, fireboats, barges and rigid hull inflatable boats.

This successful contract is an excellent example that confirms that Icom marine technology and products are considered to meet the most demanding and highest standards.

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