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Nevada’s first IC-7800 customer

Nevada’s first IC-7800 customer

Since its launch, the IC-7800 has been creating a lot of interest and excitement in the amateur hobby up and down the country. The evidence of this has been shown when Icom IC-7800 dealer Nevada, based in Portsmouth, sold its very first IC-7800 within minutes of being delivered!

The delighted customer Andy Burnett G0HIX collected his new IC-7800 from the Nevada showrooms. Mick Honeywell who sold the radio to Andy said, ' Andy G0HIX who is one of our regular customers always has to have the very best in radios. He is a keen Data enthusiast and could not wait to get this radio on air.'

Mike Devereux (G3SED) commented, ' The receiver on this radio is absolutely stunning and by far the best I have ever used.'

Pictured left to right are Mike Devereux G3SED (Managing Director of Nevada), Mick Honeywell G0ABB (Nevada Amateur Sales Specialist), and Andy Burnett G0HIX collecting his new radio.

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