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New Commercial Two Way Radio Products from Icom!

New Commercial Two Way Radio Products from Icom!

At our recent commercial dealer conference held recently onboard the Dixie Queen Paddle Steamer in London, over 130 Icom two way radio dealers welcomed the launch of Icom's new range of innovative PMR two way radio products and accessories. Icom announced the following products…

• IC-4029SDR, Professional Digital Licence Free Two Way Radio Transceiver, a first for the UK market place
• IC-F3062/4062 VHF/UHF Highly Advanced Handheld Two Way Radio Series - plug in an optional board and benefit from 6.25kHz digital capability
• IC-F3022/F4022 VHF/UHF Commercial Handheld Two Way Radio Series
• IC-F1710/F1810 VHF/UHF Highly Advanced Mobile Two Way Radio Series

In addition, a number of innovative system products were introduced including:

• RMS-Net, a software program that integrates desktop PC's, Icom radios, base stations and talk-through repeaters into a single sophisticated management reporting system.
• MRP Repeater series, a new, low cost effective repeater that uses a combination of Icom mobiles as VHF to VHF, UHF to UHF, or cross band repeater. Compact in size compared to traditional repeaters, the MRP Repeater is incredibly flexible so that you can install the repeater in a vehicle, an office, or a temporary location. There are two optional housings available from Consam (one with a 240V PSU and handle, the other without a PSU or handle) to mount the repeater. Alternatively the repeater can be mounted using the supplied standard radio mounting brackets.
• An innovative IO Board that provides 'Input' and 'Output' option lines to control various radio functions across our range of mobile radios. Capable of working with most current Icom mobiles the IO Board has two inputs, two outputs and vehicle ignition sense. The IO units can trigger relays to operate pumps, alarm doors etc. The applications for this board are endless.
• UT-119 Digital Unit which provides 6.25 kHz digital capable operation with the IC-F3062 series.
• HM-159L/SC Speaker Microphone. Designed for the new IC-F3022 and IC-F3062 series of handheld radios, the new HM-159 incredibly robust hand microphone can handle heavy punishment and has an IP54 rating making it suitable for use in severe weather conditions.
• A new range of PMR USB Cloning Cables

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager at Icom UK Ltd said,' Dealer feedback was incredibly positive to our new product range. From handhelds, mobiles, repeaters, digital products, systems products and accessories, Icom has created a fantastic line up. Check out our PMR and digital two way radio sections on our website for more details.'

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