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Icom Amateur Radio Product Demonstrations at Tokyo Hamfair 2013

Icom Amateur Radio Product Demonstrations at Tokyo Hamfair 2013

Icom Inc will be demonstrating the latest firmware update for its flagship HF Amateur Radio Base station IC-7800 at the Tokyo Hamfair 2013. The show which will be held on August 24th and 25th 2013 at the Tokyo Big Sight. There will also be other demonstrations from the Icom stand including transference of pictures between Android terminals by D-STAR DV mode; suggested use of Icom HF radios for JT65 mode and the use of the AH-740 Automatic Tuning Antenna.

The planned IC-7800 firmware update will be free to download and will include the following features:

• Waterfall screens for RF and AF (Audio Scope/FFT Scope/Oscilloscope)
• Mouse operation for scopes, click to select the frequency (Use USB hub to connect both the keyboard and mouse at the same time)
• Remote control without radio side PC by RS-BA1 (new version). Shack side PC (user operation PC) is still required.
• Voice recorder improvement (similar to the ID-31E/51E, IC-7100 function)
• USB flash drive compatibility (in addition to Compact Flash)
• APF function improvement (0-6dB six steps volume adjustment) • Transmit delay function (for linear amplifier)
• Expansion of 7MHz band (EUR version)
• One-hand operation for filter setting change
• CI-V command additions (quasi-power-On/Off, setting/reading current status of RIT/Delta TX Freq, RIT On/Off and Delta TX On/Off)

As usual there will be a D-STAR repeater at the show for the two days. Details are as follows:

Call sign : JP1YJJ
Frequencies :
• 439.25MHz (DV)
• 1291.31MHz* (DV)
• 1270.625MHz (DD)

* Please note the frequency for 1.2GHz DV is different from last year

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