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Getting Involved in D-STAR

Getting Involved in D-STAR

You may have just received your Amateur radio license, or held it for many years, but we are sure you would have come across the term D-STAR. ‘Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio’ (D-STAR) is keeping Amateur radio enthusiasts at the forefront of communication technology.

Connecting to other users globally via a network of digital amateur repeaters, D-STAR has been changing the way the Amateur community interacts. You may be interested in getting involved in this exciting hobby but do not know where to start.

We have put together two ‘Knowledge Base’ articles explaining what D-STAR is and how it works and a resource page with a wealth of information such as various tips, YouTube videos and how to register with the D-STAR network. To access this content, please click the following:

What is D-STAR?
D-STAR Resources Page.

For more information about our range of D-STAR products, please visit the D-STAR section of our website.

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