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RMS-IP LTE/PoC Radio Dispatcher, Now Available!

RMS-IP LTE/PoC Radio Dispatcher, Now Available!

RMS-IP is a powerful IP based PC dispatcher that not only allows you to manage your Icom LTE/PoC radio network but also serves as an additional virtual radio on your system. RMS-IP enables a controller to communicate with your team, monitor all radio activity in real-time and ultimately manage your day to day business issues more efficiently. As part of Icom's LTE/PoC radio system, RMS-IP provides an important addition to your licence free, nationwide, full-duplex communication network.

RMS-IP radio dispatcher has been developed in-house at Icom UK. It is a 'Virtual Radio' which can be configured to work with Icom's range of LTE/PoC handheld and mobile radios. The voice dispatcher can be used to make calls on talk groups or can make individual calls to specific units as well as send 24-character long text messages to the physical radios. RMS-IP is not confined to licensing keys so any user can access the portal anywhere in the world with their secure log in on any computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone device.

A major feature of RMS-IP is its voice recording function that allows you to make a recording of voice traffic on a system if required. Recordings can be made on an individual radio basis or a number of radios on the customer's system. The recordings can be played back on a per-radio basis by entry in the database directly from the web browser. The operator can filter recordings by date and time, call type etc, and save the recording on to the client PC for later use.

RMS-IP supports a range of emergency alert functions incorporated into Icom's LTE/PoC range including Mandown, Loneworker and Panic Button features. These important functions are highlighted on the screen when they are activated so the dispatcher can take action to deal with any emergency.

The mapping feature of RMS-IP shows live tracking of all LTE/PoC radio units in use. It can also display records for every radio used on the system over a period of time* set by the operator. Managers can track, monitor, and view their fleet of Icom LTE/PoC radios whether this is for an event or to assist in the day to day running of the business. Live data displays their current position and movements with the option also to display their GPS history over a set period*. With the straightforward operation of clicking, dragging and zoom functions, the mapping feature is easy to use.

The mapping tool is not limited to displaying just one system at a time. Multiple systems can be displayed and this provides the operator with a fantastic tool at their disposal, especially if organising larger events. A geofencing feature allows you to set a pre-determined area on a map. This option will detect whether a user/users have moved into or out of the selected geofenced area.

RMS-IP is extremely flexible and can be used on a large range of devices including desktop computers, laptops and Android/iOS devices. The online portal can be used to track, manage and view Icom's growing range of LTE/PoC radios. An app for smartphone users (iOS & Android) is currently in development.

RMS-IP is an excellent tool for managing a hire fleet or day to day business needs and is designed to help operations managers monitor all radio assets quickly and simply. Businesses of taxis, refuge collections, couriers, parking attendants/wardens, event organisers or businesses with field engineers to name a few will see great benefit from this solution.

If you’re interested in improved communications with your team and want nationwide coverage, visit the RMS-IP LTE/PoC Radio Dispatcher page of our website. Alternatively contact our team to arrange a demonstration on 01227 741741 or

*GPS history data saved for a 90-day period as standard. Longer periods available – paid feature.

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