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Introducing New Audio Interfaces for Icom's LTE/PoC Radio Solutions

Introducing New Audio Interfaces for Icom's LTE/PoC Radio Solutions

Icom UK is pleased to introduce two new audio interfaces into its LTE/PoC radio range, one designed to work with the IP503H LTE radio handheld and the other to work with the IP501M LTE mobile. Both interfaces allow for a combination of PTT and microphone accessories, allowing even safer in-vehicle use.

The IP-AUDIO-M is an audio interface lead that connects to the IP501M LTE/PoC mobile*. It allows you to connect a combination of microphone or boom mic together with either a visor style PTT, foot pedal PTT or a finger PTT. These can be plugged in and connected to a gear stick or can be put on a dashboard. This provides an alternative PTT for the mobile rather than using the standard RSM (Remote Speaker Microphone).

The IP-AUDIO-H interface works in a similar way for the IP503H LTE/PoC radio handheld. When connected with the BC-218 charger, the audio interface allows you to again plug in a combination of boom microphone, visor microphone together with finger PTT or foot pedal PTT… you can have any combination of these microphones and PTT.

To view a diagram of the available options, please click on the downloadable file on the right hand side of this page.

If you have an Icom LTE/PoC radio system and are interested in this flexible audio solution, give our team a call on 01227 741741 or email the address below.

*OPC-2407 is required for IP501M.

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