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ICOM SHF-P1 and IC-PW2 shown at Dayton Hamvention

ICOM SHF-P1 and IC-PW2 shown at Dayton Hamvention

Icom's SHF-P1 concept model and the IC-PW2 HF/50 MHz 1 kW linear amplifier were shown at the recent Dayton Hamvention, one of the world's largest Amateur radio events held between May 20th-22nd 2022. The event, which saw it celebrating its 70th anniversary had the Icom team out in force with new products including the forthcoming IC-T10 dual-band handportable and glimpses into these future products.

The ICOM stand was bustling with many Amateur radio operators asking questions about the SHF-P1 concept project model, part of the development project called the ICOM SHF Project (Super High-Frequency Band Challenge) aimed at developing a new amateur radio for use in the 2.4 GHz and 5.6 GHz bands. Visitors were also excited to be getting a good look at the forthcoming IC-PW2.

To find out more about these models, we provide you with pre-release/concept information distributed at Dayton Hamvention 2022 that you can download below by clicking on the following links:

- SHF-P1 Concept Model Information (0.5MB) (PDF)
- IC-PW2 Pre-release Information (0.5MB) (PDF)
- IC-PW2 Technical Information (0.5MB) (PDF)

As to their launch date and pricing, we don't have those details but rest assured we will publish them on our website and social media channels when we have them.

We will be showing them later this year at the National Hamfest so make a note in your diary to come along and see them for yourself on our stand at Newark.

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