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New Six Way Multi Charger Now Available for the Icom IC-U20SR

New Six Way Multi Charger Now Available for the Icom IC-U20SR

We're pleased to announce that we have a variant of the UK6WAY, our 'Best Selling' 6-way charger for our new ultra-compact IC-U20SR PMR446 licence-free radio. Fitted with the IC-U20SR's standard BC-262 chargers, the UK6WAY (U20SR) is designed to make Icom users experience more convenient and efficient.

Key Features of the UK6WAY (U20SR):
• Simultaneous Charging : With this six-way multi-charger, you can charge up to six Icom IC-U20SR radios simultaneously. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing individual chargers and cables.

• Space-Saving Design : This multi charger's compact and space-saving design ensures it won't clutter your workspace. It's perfect for professional use.

• Efficiency : Save time and ensure your radios are always ready for action. This multi-charger helps you streamline the charging process, ensuring your radios are fully charged when needed.

• Versatility : The charger is compatible with the Icom IC-U20SR, a rugged and reliable two-way radio designed for various applications, including security, hospitality, construction and more.

The UK6WAY is an excellent solution for customers using the IC-U20SR for their business.

Upgrade your charging setup today and enjoy the convenience of this multicharger solution.

The UK6WAY (U20SR) and IC-U20SR are now available from all Icom UK Authorised dealers.

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