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Icom ID-31E PLUS – A Great Entry Point into D-STAR

Icom ID-31E PLUS – A Great Entry Point into D-STAR

The ID-31E UHF digital D-STAR handportable provides a great jumping on point into the fabulous world of D-STAR Digital Amateur Radio. This radio will allow you to communicate digitally with other enthusiasts across the worldwide network of connected repeaters and internet gateway. Or if you prefer, you can just use it as a regular conventional analogue radio.

The radio will be programmed with the latest list of digital and analogue repeaters by the engineers at Icom UK. This will allow you to find nearby repeaters with the DV/FM repeater search function. You will also have the opportunity to share pictures and text using the RS-MS1A application. Data can be sent quicker in the DV Fast Data mode.

An integrated GPS receiver shows your current location and altitude on the display, and offers location reporting and automatic reply functions in the DV mode. The GPS log can be saved in a microSD card. When you use it outdoors the ID-31E PLUS has a robust, lightweight waterproof body, perfect for the demands of operating in poor weather conditions.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK said, ‘The ID-31E PLUS provides a great stepping on point for those interested in digital Amateur radio. So if you want to join the largest digital Amateur radio network in the world look no further than this radio.’

A special black with golden trim version of the ID-31E PLUS UHF Digital Transceiver is now available from all Icom Amateur radio dealers with a retail price of £299.94 inc.VAT. This will be followed in April with a quantity of silver trim versions which will then become the main selling model.

For more information on this model, visit the ID-31E PLUS product page on our website.

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