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Icom Launches New IC-F3262D dPMR Waterproof Digital Radio with Built-in GPS!

Icom Launches New IC-F3262D dPMR Waterproof Digital Radio with Built-in GPS!

When working in extreme environments, you need equipment you can rely on. Whether your business has operations around water, in dusty areas or a combination of both, having tough, rugged equipment can make a big difference to the safety and productivity of your workforce.

Given the multitude of potentially dangerous environments in the UK, Icom is pleased to announce the release of the IC-F3262D dPMR Digital two way radio. It combines a rugged, waterproof and dustproof construction with an in-built GPS receiver and IDAS digital technology. This makes it a highly versatile transceiver for those looking to improve communications and safety within their organisation.

IDAS is Icom’s digital platform, which provides users with many advantages, especially when operating on an ultra-narrowband 6.25kHz bandwidth, as it provides two distinct channels in each 12.5kHz slot, rather than one channel with two time slots. Other advantages of digital radio include much clearer audio transmissions, a larger coverage footprint that is audible to the edge of the transmission range and secure, encrypted communications. IDAS also offers a flexible migration path that allows organisations to upgrade to digital at a pace that best suits them.

The catalyst behind the release of the IC-F3262D dPMR two way radio series was the need for a waterproof digital radio. In addition to being MIL-STD 810 approved, the radios are now also rated to IP67 ingress protection standards, making it not only completely dustproof, but also waterproof to a one-metre depth for 30 minutes. This allows the IC-F3262D series capable of operating in almost any environment. With a backlit Dot-Matrix LCD, 14-pin accessory connector (for speaker/microphones etc) and long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery (10+ hours typical use), the IC-F3262D series also offers versatility and ease of use.

In addition to being offered with either a simple or full keypad design, the radios also feature an in-built GPS as standard. With the GPS incorporated, the physical size of the unit is maintained, meaning that portability is not lost at the expense of additional features. The GPS allows users to send position information with voice or data messages to dispatch stations with compatible 3rd party software installed.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK Ltd said, ‘Before users had to have an external speaker microphone with the GPS function built into it, now it is built directly into the radio.’

As you would expect from a high-class radio, the IC-F3262D dPMR series is versatile enough to use in small, medium or large applications. It features 512 channels with 128 zones, and is switchable between 5 Watt, 2 Watt and 1 Watt. The internal speaker has an audio output power of 800mW, making it loud enough for use in demanding environments with lots of background noise.

Communications are a vital part of employee safety, and the IC-F3262D series radios are designed with this in mind. A lone worker function is included, which sends an emergency signal if the radio is not operated within a designated timeframe. In addition, a dedicated emergency button is also included and emergency signals can be sent with GPS data, alerting dispatch stations to your position in the event of an emergency.

Other features of the radio include multiple scan functions, voice scrambling for secure communications, as well as 5-Tone signalling, for selective calling, silent stand-by and radio stun/kill/revive functions.

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