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Icoms latest Fixed Mount VHF/DSC Marine Radios available in white

Icoms latest Fixed Mount VHF/DSC Marine Radios available in white

Did you know that there are white versions of our latest Fixed Mount VHF/DSC Marine Radios available? The entry level IC-M323 Fixed Mount VHF/DSC and the popular higher tier IC-M423 Fixed Mount VHF/DSC are both available in white. The optional HM-195W COMMANDMIC for the IC-M423 is also available in white.

There's no difference in functionality, they are all simply white in colour to match the colour of your console/vessel.

IC-M423: Fixed Mount VHF/DSC Transceiver
The IC-M423 is Icom's next generation VHF/DSC. Together with its optional HM-195 COMMANDMIC, the IC-M423 benefits from a new user interface which makes driving this Icom fixed mount incredibly simple. A compact radio that will fit easily into any console, size does not mean a loss of performance. Boasting and packing a proverbial punch with its audio of 10W from its loud speaker makes sure you will clearly hear calls. The IC-M423 also has a Public Address & Fog Horn function so when attached to a hailer horn will expand the usefulness of this new radio.

IC-M323: Entry Level VHF/DSC Marine Transceiver
Our next generation IC-M323 VHF/DSC, available in Black or Super White has the same revolutionary design as the IC-M423. It also features the same common user interface that has been adopted on the latest Icom radios including intuitive "soft-keys" permitting faster access to radio functions. As a result of simplifying the technical features offered, Icom has managed to produce a set that offers really good value!

HM-195 COMMANDMIC IV: Remote Control Microphone
The optional microphone allows you to use the IC-M423 from a separate cabin or tower and can be positioned up to 18.3m (60ft) away. All functions of the IC-M423, including power switch, distress call, DSC, and PA functions can be controlled from the COMMANDMIC. It can also be used as an intercom with the IC-M423.

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