IC-Q7E Dualband (2m+70cm) Handportable (Discontinued)

The IC-Q7E is a mini power dual band transceiver with a wide receiver. The built in receiver covers a wide frequency range from 30 to 1300MHz in FM, AM and WFM modes. This allows you to listen to the air band, TV and FM broadcast stations, the 50 MHz and 1200 MHz amateur bands and more – similar to what a dedicated wide band scanning receiver offers.

IC-Q7E has an ultra compact, drip resistant body that measures only 58(W) x86 (H) x 27(D) mm which means that it can easily fit in your palm or shirt pocket. Drip resistant construction helps protect the transceiver in bad weather or when operating near the water.

Tone squelch standard
The IC-Q7E comes with tone squelch as standard which provides quiet standby. Only calls directed to you can open the squelch and be heard. 50 tone frequencies are available and in addition a tone scan function is provided.

Large built in speaker
A large (36mm in diameter) speaker is built in to the front panel of the IC-Q7E providing loud crystal clear audio even in noisy environments etc.

Economical design
Only 2 alkaline or Ni-Cd cells are needed. Total driving current has been reduced for longer battery life. Put this together and you have economical lightweight operation.

Simple operation
IC-Q7E employs an easy band switching system. When you want to change between operating bands, simply push the large band change switch. Controls have been kept to a minimum (8 switches plus power switch and dial) to ensure quick and easy access to all functions.

Automatic squelch
The automatic squelch system detects receive signal strength and adjusts the squelch level accordingly. Manual squelch can also be selected.

  • BC-127
    Regularly charges 2 or 4 AA (R6) Ni-Cd batteries
  • HM-46
    Handheld speaker microphone.
  • HS-85
    Headset with VOX/TOT/PTT (lightweight)
  • LC-146A
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  • OPC-782
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  • SP-13
    Compatible with a wide range of Amateur and PMR handhelds.
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