IC-W32E Dual Band FM Transceiver (Discontinued)

The IC-W32E dual band FM transceiver is a high performance, sophisticated transceiver contains many exciting features, while simple operation makes it the ideal purchase for either the foundation licensee or an experienced operator.

The IC-W32E handheld has independent tuning and volume controls for each band at the top of the radio. For added convenience the IC-W32E has a VHF/UHF exchange function which allows you to assign VHF/UHF tuning and volume to either knob so that you can set your preferred band to the knob farthest from the antenna for easy access.

Independent main and sub bands allow you to receive both VHF and UHF simultaneously, or you can use the VHF to VHF and UHF to UHF functions so that you can receive 2 frequencies in the same band. More importantly either operating band can be used in transmit regardless of whether it appears on the display or not.

The IC-W32E contains over 200 memory channels, which allow you to save all your favourite frequency settings as well as repeater information. Each channel can be assigned a name of up to 8 alphanumeric characters from the keypad. A memory name function is also available for DTMF memory channels for auto patch dialling.

An optional cloning cable allows information such as memory channels, memory names, etc to be transferred from one IC-W32E to another. In addition, optional software allows you to clone and edit contents using a PC.

The IC-W32E has many useful features as standard including tone encoder and decoder (tone squelch), a backlit LCD and keypad, auto level adjusting squelch, cross band full duplex capability and much, much more.

The IC-W32E is supplied with a charger, rechargeable battery, belt clip, user handbook and a two-year warranty. A comprehensive list of accessories is also available.

Together with the optional BP-173 the IC-W32E is capable of providing a powerful 5.5W output power.

  • Dimensions: 2.25 (W), 5.5 (H), 1.4 (D), 16 oz
  • 5 Watts of power @ 13.5 V
  • 200 memory channels
  • 8 character alphanumeric memory channel identification, keypad entry
  • Backlit display and keypad
  • ICOM rugged! Meets MIL SPEC C/D/E for shock and vibration
  • Handheld to handheld cloning capability (opt. OPC-474 cloning cable) or PC programming capability (opt. CS-W32 cloning software and OPC-478 cloning cable)
  • Independent band controls for tuning and volume
  • VHF/UHF exchange function allows assignment of VHF/UHF band controls to either knob
  • Set your preferred band to the knob furthest from the antenna
  • Optional alkaline battery case available -- BP-170
  • BC-110
    Wall charger (230V/2pin)
  • CP-12L
    Cigarette lighter cable with noise filter (Right Angle Plug)
  • HM-46
    Handheld speaker microphone.
  • HM-54
    Hand held speaker microphone
  • HM-75A
    Speaker microphone with remote control
  • HS-85
    Headset with VOX/TOT/PTT (lightweight)
  • OPC-254/L
    DC Power lead with fuse
  • OPC-474
    Cloning cable, radio-to-radio.
  • OPC-478
    Cloning Cable (PC to transceiver)
  • SP-13
    Compatible with a wide range of Amateur and PMR handhelds.
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