External Speaker

The SP-23 external speaker has been designed for use with Icom base station transceivers and receivers, but in particular the IC-7400 and the IC-756PROII/III.

The SP-23 is the successor to the SP-21 and has been upgraded to include built in high and low pass filters to obtain the maximum audio characteristics of received signals.

Four separate audio network filters equipped for maximum control of audio characteristics of received signals:
High Pass Filter 1: Cuts off audio output frequencies of 300Hz or less.
High Pass Filter 2 : Cuts off audio output frequencies of 600Hz or less.
Low Pass Filter 1 : Cuts off audio output frequencies of 2.4kHz or more.
Low Pass Filter 2 : Cuts off audio output frequencies of 800Hz or more.

Two audio input jacks allows connection of two transceivers/receivers.
Similar height and depth dimensions of the IC-756PRO2.
Headphone jack equipped.
Supplied Accessories Speaker cable and filter cut off frequency seal

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