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The Gadget Show's Wild Challenge Featuring The IC-F4029SDR

The Gadget Show's Wild Challenge Featuring The IC-F4029SDR

Icom's IC-F4029SDR Digital PMR 466 Licence-free Handheld was recently featured on Channel 5's "The Gadget Show," having been ruthlessly tested against an equivalent Motorola Analogue radio. The radios were tested in extreme weather conditions and used over a considerable distance. The IC-F4029SDR was the only radio to remain operational until the end of the test.

The challenge took place in the Lake District's undulating terrain on a day of gale-force winds and driving rain. Two of the four presenters, Suzi Perry and Jon Bentley, made their way to the top of Honister Crag, each with one radio. Jason Bradbury and Dallas Campbell were blindfolded and driven off in different directions, unaware of their position. The challenge was for Suzi and Jon to guide their teammates 4 miles through the Lake District and up the hill using only the radios and a map as guidance. The first to reach the summit was the winner of the "Wild Challenge."

The Icom radio worked well during the challenge, despite being operated in a wooded area at one point. Presenter Suzi Perry commented,".…..with the Icom's superior aerial and the resistance of the digital signal to interference, Jason and I could maintain contact, despite the obstacles…..."

Near the end of the challenge, the driving rain caused problems for both radios - neither of which claims to be waterproof. Both radios became completely waterlogged, although the Icom was still transmitting long after the Motorola had given up.

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