IC-FR3100/FR4100 Series

IC-FR3100/FR4100 Series
IC-FR3100/FR4100 Two Way Repeater Series (Discontinued)

The IC-FR3100/FR4100 repeater series is compact in design; This sophisticated radio product will instantaneously retransmit received audio without any noticeable delay and extend the operating range of a radio scheme even further. Designed to enhance coverage of a two-way radio system, the IC-FR3100/F4100 can be added to an existing radio system.

This product is no longer available. If you are looking for a replacement, then please visit the IC-FR5300/FR6300 VHF/UHF Commercial Repeater Series product page.

Two versions are available, IC-FR3100 for VHF, for wide area or the IC-FR4100 UHF version for on site systems. Incorporating a large heat sink, cooling fan and high performance power amplifier, the repeater provides a stable 25W of output power allowing a radio scheme to be boosted beyond the range of normal Private Mobile Radio (PMR) networks.

Full Duty Operation
Employing a large heat sink, cooling fans and high performance power amplifier, the repeater provides a stable 25W at full duty cycle operation.

Wall or Rack Mount Available
With an optional microphone, the repeater can be placed on a desktop as a base station. The optional MB-77 wall mount bracket allows you to set the repeater on a wall. A 19" 3U height rack mount bracket, MB-78, is also available.

Most Signalling & Codes Are Standard
Signalling such as CTCSS, DTCS, DTMF and 5-tones, 2-tones encoder/decoder are standard. All signalling are fully programmable.

Single Source For Integrated Solutions
The IC-FR3100/IC-FR4100 series is also compatible with Icom's F series mobile and handheld transceivers allowing you to construct a total Icom PMR system. Compatible with Trunking systems The IC-FR3100/IC-FR41000 series has D-SUB 25 pin/modular interfaces for external controllers such as PassPort® and MPT1327.

Built-In AC Power Supply
The repeater has a built-in 240V power supply unit. For back up the repeater can be connected to an external battery, the repeater will automatically change the power source if the AC power fails.

Internal Space For Duplexer & Isolator
A duplexer allows the use of a single antenna for transmitting and receiving. An isolator protects the PA unit from strong adjacent signals and reduces intermodulation. The repeater has an internal space to allow a duplexer and isolator to be installed (depending on model). The controls of the duplexer should be accessible from the front of the repeater, allowing easy adjustments and maintenance.

Telephone Line Connector
The repeater has a 4-pin modular connector allowing telephone interconnection.

32 Memory Channels
The repeater has 32 memory channels. Each memory channel can store a 10-character channel name, wide/narrow (25/12.5 kHz) channel spacing, repeater/base operation etc, as well as frequency settings.

16-Digit Display
The 16-digit alphanumeric LCD can display a variety of information’s such as channel number, channel name, decoded ID (with 5-Tone and DTMF), etc.

Multiple CTCSS/DTCS Tone Memories
Each channel has a maximum 16 Receive and Transmit CTCSS and DTCS tone memories that are freely programmable. These memories allow multiple groups to share a single channel.

Built-In 2-Tone, 5-Tone, DTMF Encoder & Decoder
Four 2-Tone codes, nine 5-Tone codes and 20 DTMF codes are programmable. You can also combine these tones with CTCSS or DTCS tones to control repeater access.

ID Transmission Function
ID codes or call signs can be sent at the beginning and/or end of the transmission. An ID code can be used for identifying the repeater with the ANI (Automatic Number Identification) function. The ID format is selectable from CW, DTMF and 5-Tone.

5-Tone Relay Function
In a system that has 5-Tone capability, the repeater relay is opened by the matched 5-Tone signal. The repeater begins relaying the moment it receives the Repeater code. The Station and ID codes are relayed to the intended station.

2-Tone/5-Tone Auto TX Function
When a matched 2-Tone/5-Tone is received, the auto Transmit function automatically starts the transmission. The external source is selectable from MIC, ACC and Remote lines. With this function it is possible to listen to activity near the repeater itself from a remote location. This for example, allows you to know if unauthorized persons are near the repeater by being able to hear them talking.

Backup Functions
An automatic alert function detects an internal error and alerts you with a beep sound or a telephone call. If the Repeater fails from an internal error, the Master repeater will automatically switchover to a sub-unit (Master/Slave switchover).

Optional Voice Scrambler Unit
The optional voice scrambler units, UT-109 or UT-110 provide secure communication by scrambling 4 × voice signals. Up to 32 codes with the UT-109 and 1020 codes (255 codes groups) with the UT-110 are available, respectively.

Programmable Key Assign Function
The following functions can be assigned to the [PROG] button:
• Priority A
• Priority A (Rewrite)
• Display select
• Lock
• High/Low
• Wide/Narrow
• Call (Call A, B (PMR mode only))
• Emergency Single
• Emergency Repeat
• Scrambler
• Special Function 1, 2

  • HM-100N
    The Icom HM-100N is a standard fist microphone for use with most Icom mobile radios that have the Icom RJ45 connector.
  • SM-25
    Desk microphone for ‘F’ mobiles
  • UT-109
    The UT-109 02 is a high-performance, non-rolling voice scrambler board available with up to 32 codes.
  • UT-110
    Scrambler (inversion & rolling)
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