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Icom Onboard Commercial Maritime Solutions

Icom Onboard Commercial Maritime Solutions

Did you know that Icom have an onboard UHF radio communication solution designed for super yachts and large commercial vessels? The system comprises Icom’s IC-F61M maritime UHF onboard handheld transceiver, a purpose-designed onboard UHF radio which satisfies all the legal requirements of the onboard UHF specification ETS 300 720-1. The IC-F61M and IC-FR6100 repeater base station provide effective communiation for a crew to communicate whether above or below deck.

The IC-F61M provides onboard radio communications for vessels where UHF marine frequencies are licensed. The IC-F61M is a Commercial Private Mobile Radio meaning it will provide more power than traditional licence free radios and less prone to interference from other vessels than traditional marine VHF radios. The IC-F61M meets the same waterproofing standards (IPX-7) as many Icom marine VHF handhelds so can be used on deck during rough sea conditions

For Commercial Maritime Operators who may be running large crew on their vessels, the IC-F61M has some important safety features. A vibration alert function alerts you by vibrating the radio, especially useful in contacting crew in noisy environments such as the engine room. A built-in voice recorder records incoming calls up to a maximum of 8 minutes meaning you won’t miss any important messages even when you are temporarily doing something else.

The handportable also features an important lone worker function. When the radio is not operated for a preset period, the radio sounds a beep and requires the user to push the emergency button. If the emergency button is not pushed after a preset time, an emergency signal is automatically transmitted and informs your co-workers or controller that something may have happened, especially useful if someone is injured.

To extend the range of the IC-F61M, especially on larger vessels, Icom supply the IC-FR4100 repeater. Compact in design it will instantaneously retransmit received audio without any noticeable delay and extend the operating range of the handportables. The IC-FR4100 can also be used as a standalone base station.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK said, ‘Our onboard communication solutions provide a simple yet effective communication solution for commercial vessel operators. The radio satisfies current maritime regulation and provides important Health& Safety safeguards for operators.’

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