Why Icom LTE Two Way Radios are a Great Solution for Running, Cycling and Triathlon Events

Why Icom LTE Two Way Radios are a Great Solution for Running, Cycling and Triathlon Events

Organising large-scale events is a complex task managing the welfare and expectations of thousands of participants and areas that must be closed temporarily for public use. It is not just the entrants that have to be looked after. The marshalls, support staff, emergency responders, management team, and the vast number of spectators and concessions that may be en route all need considering. Having reliable two-way radio communication between all stakeholders is essential whether it is in a running, cycling or triathlon event.

That is where the Icom LTE two way radio solution comes in, allowing your team to communicate with each other, keeping them safe:

• Nationwide coverage is more than enough for any course.
• No installation/infrastructure needed, just issue the radios and go
• Licence Free, so less paperwork
• Remote monitoring of your team with Icom’s RMS-IP Dispatcher
• Get heard with fantastic audio
• Health & safety features protecting your staff
• Individual and group calling so you can assign a group to have specific channels

Whether it is communication to ensuring blue lights can clear courses, traffic management, closing correct roads and even contact with drones and photographers, the press and sponsors, Icom LTE radios won’t let you down.

To get two-way radio support for your next event or to find out more contact our sales team on 01227 741741 or email sales@icomuk.co.uk. Alternatively visit our webpages at icomuk.co.uk/LTE_PoC-Radio-System.

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