ID-31E UHF D-STAR Digital Transceiver (Discontinued)

Showing its commitment to D-STAR, Icom have now released its next generation model in the form of the ID-31E UHF D-STAR Digital handportable. One of the things that instantly strikes you about this new model is how sleek and lightweight it is. But don’t let size fool you...inside the ID-31E is an integrated GPS receiver and fully functional D-Star radio. This gives you the capability to communicate across the globe using the D-Star network but also to track and display GPS information including position, altitude and movement.

Built-in GPS receiver
The built-in GPS receiver shows your current position and altitude on the display and offers a position reporting function in DV mode. The GPS log function stores your position information at regular intervals (1 second–60 seconds, depending on the setting) and memorizes this in the micro SD card to export to your PC. In addition, the GPS-A mode assists in easy D-PRS mode operation.

Lightweight & compact body
The ID-31E is a true palm sized 5W radio. It measures only 58×95×25.4mm and weighs only 225g (approx.) with battery pack and antenna.

IPX7 submersible construction
The ID-31E provides superior waterproof protection equivalent to IPX7 (1m depth of water for 30 minutes) making it suitable for harsh outdoor environments.

D-STAR DV mode (Digital Voice + data)
The ID-31E is Icom’s latest D-STAR model providing digitally modulated clear voice, quiet stand-by, individual calling using a call sign and access to the world wide D-STAR network.

Micro SD card slot
When used with a micro SD card (Up to 32GB), you can record, play incoming and outgoing calls, and store various contents including GPS log data, memory channels, D-STAR repeater memories and other personal settings. Used with the CS-31 software (which is supplied with this model), memory channels, D-STAR repeater memories and personal settings can be customised.

Full dot-matrix display and directional keypad
The ID-31E features a large full dot-matrix display with easy-to-read characters. The directional keypad and quick menu button provides quick and intuitive access to many settings and speeds up operation. The backlit LCD and keypad is especially useful for night time operation.

Automatic repeater list function
Using the GPS position information, the automatic repeater list function shows the list of nearby D-STAR repeaters from the memory* and helps you to access the nearby D-STAR repeater.
* To use the automatic repeater list-up function, the position data of the repeater is required. The ID-31E will be shipped with D-STAR repeater memories pre-programmed, but the position data of some D-STAR repeaters may not be available.

Total 1252 memory channels
The ID-31E has a total 1252 memory channels (including 500 regular channels, 700 D-STAR repeater (DR) memories, 50 scan edges and 2 call channels) with 26 memory banks. All memory channels, program scan can edges and memory banks can be allocated an 8-character channel name.

5W output power
Using a highly-efficient PA amplifier, the ID-31E generates 5W of RF output power. The supplied BP-271 provides up to 4.5 hours* of operating time, and the larger optional BP-272 battery pack, provides up to 7.5 hours* of operating time. When you don't need full power operation, you can reduce output power to 2.5/0.5/0.1W thus saving battery life.

Multiple scan functions
The ID-31E has the following range of scanning functions for maximum reception and ease of use. • Full scan • Programmed scan • Duplex scan • Memory scan • Mode memory scan • All bank scan • Selected bank scan • Tone scan • Bank link scan (DMS) • Program scan link • Skip scan

CS-31 cloning software supplied with ID-31E
The CS-31 cloning software* is supplied with the ID-31E and allows you to customise various settings including the memory channels, D-STAR repeater memories and other settings can be made from a PC. The latest version of the CS-31 will be available from the Icom web site.
* Either optional OPC-2218LU USB cloning cable or a micro SD card is required for transferring the data.

External DC power jack
An external DC power jack allows for operation with an external DC power supply (10–16V DC). When used with the CP-19R, CP-12L or OPC-254L/LR, simultaneous operation during charging is possible.
* When more than 14V volts is applied, the power protection function reduces the output power to Mid level (2.5W).

Other digital features
• One touch reply function
• Digital squelch functions: digital code squelch and digital call sign squelch
• DR (D-STAR Repeater) mode
• Automatic speech function announces the received call sign

Other features
• Analogue FM mode
• Built-in CTCSS/DTCS encoder and decoder (for analogue FM)
• 16 DTMF memory channels (24 digits)
• Auto power save
• Auto power off
• Clock function
• Priority watch
• Key lock function
• CI-V level converter for remote radio control
• Squelch release function to monitor a weak signal.

To download the most up to date cloning/programming files of Icom D-STAR radios and data files of UK D-STAR repeaters and reflectors visit:> .

  • Built-in GPS shows current position and altitude for GPS position reporting
  • GPS logging function tracks your movement
  • Tough, lightweight and compact body
  • Waterproof construction (IPX7)
  • Micro SD card slot for recording voice of incoming and outgoing calls, GPS log, memory contents to a connected micro SD card
  • D-STAR DV mode (Digital Voice + data)
  • Full dot-matrix display and directional keypad
  • Automatic repeater list function
  • Cloning software CS-31 is supplied with the ID-31E
  • 2 Year Warranty on Transceiver
  • AD-92SMA
    Antenna connector adapter. Converts from a SMA to a BNC.
  • BC-202
    Rapid desktop charger. Charges the BP-271 in 2 hours (approx.) inc. BC-06 AC adapter.
  • BP-271
    Li-Ion battery pack. 7.4V/1150mAh (min.), 1200mAh (typ). Operating time: 4.5 hours in FM and DV mode (Typical operation in 1:1:8 duty cycle). Same as supplied.
  • BP-272
    Li-ion battery pack 7.4V/1880mAh (min.), 2000mAh (typ.) Li-ion battery. Operating 8 hours in FM mode and 7.5 hours in DV mode. (Typical operation in 1:1:8 duty cycle)
  • BP-273
    Battery case (LR6 (AA) × 3)
  • BP-307
    The BP-307 is a high capacity 7.2V / 3350mAh (typ.) Li-Ion battery pack.
  • CP-12L
    Cigarette lighter cable with noise filter (Right Angle Plug)
  • CP-19
    Cigarette lighter cable (DC-DC converter is built-in)
  • CT-17
    CI-V level converter (communications interface)
  • FA-S270C
    Antenna VHF/UHF
  • HM-153LS
    Durable type earphone microphone with slim L-type connector
  • HM-166LS
    Light type earphone microphone with slim L-type connector
  • HM-183LS
    The HM-183LS is a waterproof speaker microphone for selected Icom IP, LTE and D-STAR handsets.
  • HM-186LS
    Compact type speaker microphone with slim L-type connector.
  • HM-75LS
    Remote control speaker microphone with slim L-type connector.
  • HS-94
    Headset (Ear-piece type)
  • HS-95
    Provides Hands-free operation.
  • HS-97
    Earphone with Throat-mic
  • LC-178
    Carry Case for use with ID-31E.
  • OPC-2006LS
    Plug adapter cable. OPC-2006LS is required when using the HS-94, HS-95 and HS-97
  • OPC-2144
    Slim L-type plug adapter cable (Regular 2-pin connectors to slim L-type 2-pin connectors)
  • OPC-2218LU
    Cloning Cable (USB type)
  • OPC-2350LU
    The OPC-2350LU USB Data Communication Cable.
  • OPC-254/L
    DC Power lead with fuse
  • RS-MS1A
    The RS-MS1A (for Android™ devices) allows your Android device to wirelessly connect to a D-STAR transceiver and remotely set DR functions, link with a map app and send/receive messages in DV mode.
  • SP-13
    Compatible with a wide range of Amateur and PMR handhelds.
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