Android application

Android application for the ID-5100A/E series

The RS-MS1A is an application software that has been initially designed to use the DV mode functions of the ID-5100A/E series transceivers but is now available on other Icom D-STAR radios. By operating D-Star functions through your Android device, you can remotely use some of the transceiver’s DV mode functions, adding convenience to your operating experience. This application will allow you to:

Use the DV functions
You can use the DV functions listed below with your Android device and your D-STAR radio.

Share pictures
Using the low speed data communication capability, you can communicate by voice and share pictures at the same time. The pictures can be either ones taken by your Android device, or ones you have stored on the device.

Text messaging
You can send and receive a text messages using the transceiver’s low speed data communication capability.

You can see the location of repeater sites or other stations on a map by using the received position data, or the transceiver’s repeater list. You can set the “FROM” and “TO” settings by tapping a repeater site on the map. You can automatically change the destination station in “TO” by tapping a target on the map.

You can download the free Android RS-MS1A application from Google Play.

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