RS-8600 Remote Control Software

Remote Control Software for IC-R8600

Icom RS-R8600 Remote Control Software for IC-R8600

- The RS-R8600 remotely controls the IC-R8600 through an IP Network or a USB cable (direct PC connect), and provides high quality audio with low latency.
- Up to 256 network receivers can be registered. (Selectone of these receivers to operate.)
- Record received audio using the PC Utility and save it on a PC storage device.
- Various functions of the receiver can be controlled with the software. (Except SD memory card operation.)
- Even when the Remote Control function is turned OFF,the spectrum scope can still be monitored on your PC while using the receiver.
- Taller waterfall screen than the IC-R8600.
- High-speed scanning equivalent to the IC-R8600.
- The optional RC-28 USB remote encoder provides a hardware dial for realistic dial operation.

  • IC-R8600
    The IC-R8600 is a super wideband communication receiver that covers the radio spectrum from 10 kHz to 3 GHz. It also has the capability to decode selected digital communication signals including, D-STAR, NXDN, dPMR and P25. The IC-R8600 incorporates the latest software demodulation technology incorporated on Icom’s latest HF Amateur radios, providing superior performance and intuitive operation. With the optional remote control software for a Windows PC, received audio and spectrum scope data can be transferred through an IP network for monitoring from remote locations.
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