CT-24 Digital Voice Encoder

The CT-24 is a USB connection device which converts a microphone audio to an IDAS compatible digital signal.

Use the CT-24 in a variety of ways:

- Allows analog devices connected to the VE-PG3 to talk with digital systems.
- Every Icom RC-FS10 (Icom RoIP Remote Software Communicator) comes with one CT-24. Add multiple CT-24’s to add more voice paths on the RC-FS10.
- You can have up to 8 CT-24's per RC-FS10.
- Multiple CT-24’s allows simultaneously for receipt of multiple digital NXDN received at the same time.

  • RC-FS10
    The RC-FS10 is an IDAS conventional IP network upgrade and remote communicator. The IDAS conventional IP network links up to 16 IDAS conventional repeaters via an IP network and can extend an organisations communication range to virtually anywhere. The RC-FS10 remote communicator package creates an IP-based virtual radio and works like a simple dispatcher. The IDAS IC-F3162 and IC-F5062 series of radios (with UT-126H IDAS digital unit installed), can be used in the IDAS conventional IP network without hardware or firmware modification.

  • VE-PG3
    The VE-PG3 is a radio over IP gateway that has two primary function modes;one is the bridge mode which interconnects two or more radio over IP networks. The other mode is the converter mode which interconnects calls between connected IP phone, analogue phone and radio systems.
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