DS-100 VHF DSC controller and watchkeeping receiver

The DS-100 is an independent VHF DSC Class D controller with built in Ch 70 watch keeping receiver. Designed to compliment the IC-M501, the DS-100 is compact and very easy to use.

The DS-100 is an independent ‘Class D’ DSC controller with a built in Channel 70 watchkeeping receiver. The 160 character display and large, clearly labelled controls lend themselves to simple intuitive operation, oftern lacking in other products. Although the DS-100 has been designed to compliment the IC-M501Euro, it may also be used with other DSC compatible VHF Radios using the correct communinactions protocol.

Vertically orientated the DS-100 has been designed to match traditional marine instrumentation and blend with other elements of a vessels control panel. The DS-100 is also extremely shallow improving the mounting possibilities, where depth is often a crucial factor. In addition, when flush mounted the DS-100 is waterproof to IPX7, providing reliable GMDSS compatible communications for the most inhospitable environments such as fly-bridges and RIB’s.

The DS-100 has been designed to comply with the latest specifications, specifically EN 301 025 which will exceed minimum requiremnts for VHF DSC in the UK and throughout Europe.

Specifications :

• VHF DSC controller and watchkeeping receiver dimensions are approximately 165(W) x 110(H) x 84.4(D)mm
• Weight: 1kg

  • IC-M401E
    The compact IC-M401 is a basic, easy to use marine VHF radio. An ideal transceiver where space is at a premium.
  • IC-M501EURO
    The IC-M501Euro builds on the popular IC-M59Euro. Essential facilities, such as all channel access (including private channels), dual and tri-watch, fast scanning and a programmable ‘CALL’ channel are all included, along with DSC compatibility.
  • IC-M503EURO
    The IC-M503 together with the HM-134B COMMANDMIC™ 'remote control microphone', allows full control (except DSC) of its associate unit, the IC-M503EURO VHF transceiver from a separate area up to 18 m away. This unique facility will give any large boat owner a higher level of flexibility and dependable communications in any environment.

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