Before you connect your radio to a power supply

There are currently a considerable number of power supplies in the Amateur radio market that claim to be 13.8 volts at high currents. Several of them produce a high voltage at switch on that can damage your Amateur radio base station/mobile.

Before you use such a supply, we recommend you read the following:

We are receiving for repair an increasing number of radios that have been subject to “Over Volts”.

Our radios are designed to work on a supply that is 13.8 Volts and although it may withstand some additional voltage, damage will occur if excessive voltage is applied.

Although we may be able to repair the radio additional damage may have occurred that may not be apparent at the time of repair.

Radios that are returned to us for repair that have been damaged by “Over Volts” will not be repaired under warranty and any subsequent repairs may be chargeable.

It is our advice that you do not use one of these supplies and purchase an approved Icom power supply that has been designed to complement your radio.


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