Benefits of Two Way Radios in a School, College or University

Benefits of Two Way Radios in a School, College or University

Every school, college or university can benefit by having better communication with their staff, and there is no better way to do that than with a two-way radio system. Equipping your school, college or university with two-way radios can make you and your team more efficient allowing your organisation to run smoothly. Two-way radios are an excellent alternative to mobile phones, loud speakers or even the inconvenience of trying to track down an individual in such a large environment.

Two way radios are useful, ensuring good communication between the front office and teachers within the classroom as well as allowing staff to deal with day to day business or any potential emergency, quickly and effectively. They can also be used to alert cleaners of any spills, caretakers of any maintenance issues or security officers in case of any emergency situations, keeping the students and rest of the site safe.

Typically, a UHF radio will be suitable in a school environment. As most schools are fairly large buildings made up of brick, steel and concrete, UHF frequencies are best because they will penetrate through these solid objects better than VHF.

ICOM have a complete portfolio of analogue, digital and IP radio solutions to suit all educational requirements. From simple licence free radios to sophisticated radio systems with tracking and health and safety features, Icom can cater for all your two way radio requirements.

If you are interested in seeing our latest radio systems, contact our sales staff on 01227 741741 or via email at

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