IC-A15 Ground to Air Two Way Handheld Radio (Discontinued)

The IC-A15 Air band handheld transceiver is aimed at ground crew who work in airports and airfields. Designed for ground to air communications, this model is compact, robust and water-resistant making it ideal for outside workers. The minimal number of buttons provides simple control and the 700mW of audio with built-in BTL amplifier makes sure that communications get heard.

This product is no longer available. If you are looking for a replacement, then please visit the IC-A16E 8.33/25 kHz Ground to Air Support Radio page.

Simple to use ground to air radio
The IC-A15 is ideal for ground crews who work in airports and airfields. The IC-A15 is really easy to operate and ideal for large companies where the radio may be used by shift workers. The full-featured keypad allows direct input of channels and frequencies.

700mW loud audio with built-in BTL amplifier
In high-noise environments, it is essential for radio equipment to provide loud and clear audio. The IC-A15 employs a built-in BTL audio amplifier that doubles the audio output. As a result, it delivers 700mW of loud and clear audio.

Large capacity Lithium-Ion battery pack
With the 2000mAh large capacity Lithium-Ion battery pack, BP-232N, the IC-A15 provides stable output power and approximately 18 hours of operating time, more than enough to cover a shift.

The BP-261 battery case will take 6 AA (LR6) alkaline cells for convenient battery backup.

Compact, water resistant, rugged body
The IC-A15 is compact (120mm in height) and light weight (approximate 350g with BP-232N and antenna). The aluminium die-cast chassis is the basis for this rugged construction, allowing long-life usage in a range of challenging environments. The IC-A15 series is designed to pass the MIL-STD-810 environmental tests and the IPX4 water resistant rating. The water resistant construction provides reliable operation in wet conditions.

Alphanumeric LCD
An 8-character 14-segment alphanumeric LCD is employed to make a variety of information visually recognizable immediately. The backlit LCD is incorporated which is useful for night time operation.

BC-179 holder type charger
The BC-179 is a light weight cradle style battery charger that allows you to charge the radio in limited spaces such as a vehicle. The charger securely holds and charges the radio, even in bumpy conditions. The optional CP-22 is required to use the BC-179 in a vehicle.

Side Tone function
The side tone function allows you to hear your own voice via a headset. By monitoring your own voice, this function eliminates unnecessary shouting on a noisy runway. Side tone level is adjustable from the radio.
* Optional OPC-499 headset adapter cable and third party aviation headset are required.

Other features
• 200 memory channels
• 5W typ. (PEP), 1.5W (CW) output power
• ANL (Auto Noise Limiter) reduces noise components
• Low battery indication and low battery beep
• BNC type antenna connector
• Adjustable microphone gain setting

  • Simple to use ground to air radio
  • Ideal for Ground Crews
  • 700mW loud audio with built-in BTL amplifier
  • 5W output power
  • Large capacity Lithium-Ion battery pack
  • Compact, water resistant, rugged body
  • 100 alphanumeric memory channels
  • Side Tone function
  • AD-106
    Charger adapter for use with BC-119N/121N.
  • BC-06
    UK 12v 1Amp charger.
  • BC-119N
    Universal Icom Fast Charger
  • BC-121N
    Six Way Rapid Multi Charger
  • BC-145
    AC adapter for BC-119N & BC-144
  • BC-157S
    AC Adapter for BC-197, BC-121N and BC-214 multi-chargers.
  • BC-160
    Desktop Rapid Charger designed to work with the Icom BP-230, BP-231 and BP-232 Li-ion battery packs.
  • BC-171
    Regular desktop charger.
  • BC-174
    AC Adapter
  • BC-179
    Regular battery charger. Charges the BP-232N in 12 hours (approx.)
  • BC-197
    The BC-197, 6-Way Multi-Charger is an Icom charger following on from the BC-121N.
  • BP-230N
    Voltage/Capacity - 7.4V/800mAh Li-ion Battery
  • BP-232/N/H/WP
    Voltage/Capacity - 7.4V/2000mAh Charge time (approx.) - 1.5 hours
  • BP-261
    AA (LR6) x 6 battery case
  • CP-22
    Cigarette lighter cable with DC-DC converter for use with BC-179
  • CP-23L
    Cigarette Lighter Cable (For use with BC-191, BC-193, BC-219/N, BC-225, BC-227 or BC-240)
  • FA-B02AR
    Standard Icom airband antenna.
  • HM-173
    Speaker Microphone
  • MB-94
    Alligator type belt-clip
  • MB-96F
    Leather belt clip (Discontinued)
  • OPC-499
    Headset adapter with PTT socket for Icom Aviation handhelds.
  • OPC-515L
    DC lead for battery chargers
  • OPC-656
    DC Power Cable (for use with various chargers)
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