Can anyone use my radio?

Anyone who holds a current UK licence, or a valid CEPT licence, or a valid reciprocal licence, may use your station for frequencies for which they are licenced under their own callsign. In addition to those listed, a UK Intermediate licencee, holder of a pass slip from the Radio Amateur's Examination or an Amateur Radio Certificate (who does not hold a licence), or a licenced amateur from any other country, may operate under the station's callsign on frequencies that you are licenced to use providing you are in attendance.

The holder of an Advanced (Full) UK licence may allow an unlicenced person to send a greetings message provided it is under the direct supervision of the licensee or other authorised club member, who must operate the transmitter and identify the station. Each greetings message must not be longer than two minutes and each person may send only one message to each station with which the station is in contact. Greetings messages may be sent and received only within the UK, or to and from stations in Canada, the Falkland Islands and Pitcairn Island, and in the case of a licence held on behalf of a club, to and from stations in the USA. When using a digital mode, anyone may type the message for transmission.


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