IC-F51/F61 ATEX Series

IC-F51/F61 ATEX Series
IC-F51/F61 VHF/UHF Two Way Radios (ATEX version)

The ATEX versions of the IC-F51 and F61, conforms to the 94/9/EC ATEX Directive. The IC-F51 series is a waterproof PMR two way radio whose construction is equivalent to IPX7 which is the same rating as our marine handheld models. In addition, built-in signalling capabilities and UT-110 compatible voice scrambler function eliminate the need for an optional logic board. The IC-F51 series meets the requirements for a tough, waterproof communications tool for use in hazardous areas such as oil rigs, areas where flammable gases or liquids are used, and other potentially explosive environments. * Equivalent to IPX7 of the corresponding International Standard IEC 60529(2001). 1 metre depth for 30 minutes.

These ATEX approved IC-F51/F61 two way radios offers safety approved 2-way communication preventing explosion and fire hazard in specified hazardous areas.

Approved classes
The approved rating is II2G EEx ib IIA T3.

Special conditions for use:
• Must be used with BP-227AX

Approved accessories:
• Speaker-microphone HM-138

Please ensure the IC-F51/F61 ATEX rating is acceptable for the intended place of use. These ATEX models have all the same functions and features as non-ATEX versions including;

Waterproof construction
The IC-F51 series has waterproof construction which is equivalent to IPX7. The IC-F51 series can withstand submersion in 1m depth of water for up to 30 minutes.

Tough and compact body
The aluminium die-cast chassis combined with a polycarbonate casing is designed to last. Its compact dimensions of 56 (W) x 97 (H) x 36 (D) mm allow the IC-F51 series to fit comfortably in your palm or shirt pocket.

Standard Lithium-Ion battery pack
The IC-F51 series comes with a standard 1700mAh Lithium-Ion battery pack, BP-227AX that provides stable output power and a practical 13 hours* of operating time. Lithium-ion batteries allow flexible charging** and have almost no memory effect.
*Typical operation; Tx:Rx:Stand-by duty cycle=5:5:90
** Please note that ATEX radios should not be charged in Hazardous environments.

Alphanumeric LCD
The IC-F51 features an 8-character 14 segment alphanumeric LCD. An automatic LCD backlight is standard, ideal for night time operation.

Built-in signalling
The IC-F51 series has 2-Tone, 5-Tone, CTCSS and DTCS signalling capabilities for group communication or selective calling as standard.

Built-in rolling type voice scrambler*
The IC-F51 series has a built-in voice scrambler. The scrambling system is fully compatible with the UT-110 voice scrambler unit, which uses 1020 codes (255 codes x 4 groups.). In addition, an inversion type voice scrambler is available in all versions
* ATEX version has a built-in UT-110 compatible voice scrambler.

Programmable functions
Up to 7 programmable buttons, [P0]–[P3], [▲], [▼],and [Red button] can be assigned additional functions to meet a variety of requirements. In addition, there is a space for function assign stickers below these buttons.

Optional speaker microphone, HM-138
The optional speaker microphone, HM-138, also has waterproof construction equivalent to IPX7. The HM-138 is approved for use with ATEX models.

IC-F51/F61 (ATEX version) Additional Features
- 12.5kHz channel step (VHF only)Wide/middle/narrow channel spacing
- Built-in compander (same as IC-F31G series and IC-F510 series)BIIS 1200 built-in
- SMA type ANT connector
- Up to 128 memory channels/8 memory banks
- MIL spec tested to MIL-STD F.

  • 2 Versions available
  • IC-F51 VHF Built-in Rolling Code Scrambler (136-174 MHz)
  • IC-F61 UHF Built-in Rolling Code Scrambler (400-470 MHz)
  • Supplied with BC-152 Slow Battery Charger, BC-01 Charger Adapter, BP-227AX Li-Ion Battery Pack, Antenna, MB-98 Belt Clip and Handbook
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) : 56 x 97x36.4 mm (projections not included)
  • Weight (with BP-227AX) : 290g (approx.)
  • BP-227AXD
    ATEX approved 7.2V/1700mAh Li-Ion battery pack
  • FA-S27U
    The FA-S27U is a UHF (400-470MHz) ATEX Antenna for use with the IC-F61 ATEX radio.
  • FA-S57US
    The UHF FA-S57US stubby antennas is designed for the IC-F51, IC-F61 and IC-M87 transceivers.
  • FA-S59V
    SMA type antenna (std)
  • FA-S63VS
    The VHF FA-S63VS stubby antenna is designed for the IC-F51, IC-F61 and IC-M87 transceivers.
  • FA-SC24V
    Antenna (136-150 MHz)
  • HM-138
    Waterproof Speaker Microphone (equivalent to IPX-7)
  • Licenced Two Way Radio System
    This is the general-purpose peer to peer application for all forms of licenced PMR use.
  • Licenced Two Way Radio System Linked by Repeaters
    This is the standard licenced PMR version that includes all base station and repeater functionality allowing interfaces via gateways (Telephone, IP etc).
  • MB-86
    Swivel Belt Clip
  • MB-98
    Standard type belt clip
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