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Icom ATEX two way radios get a great new, ‘ATEX BLUE’ look

Icom ATEX two way radios get a great new, ‘ATEX BLUE’ look

Icom has given its three ATEX models a facelift with a cool, “ATEX blue” look to identify them clearly in ATEX intrinsically-safe markets. Check out the picture alongside to see how good they look.

So what are ATEX Intrinsically-Safe Radios?
ATEX Intrinsically-Safe radios provide safe, approved, two-way communication for potentially hazardous gaseous areas on land and at sea, such as oil rigs and petrol tankers. Icom's ATEX approved radios are compact, waterproof and simple to use. The range includes the IC-M87 VHF PMR/Marine ATEX handheld, the IC-F61 UHF PMR ATEX Handheld and the IC-F51 UHF PMR ATEX Handheld.

How are these radios different?
The changes are only cosmetic, to identify them for ATEX intrinsically-safe use. The outer part of the LCD glass is blue and shows the approval number to clearly indicate the radio’s ATEX I/S rating. There is no difference in the functionality and features of these radios.

Click here for more details about our ATEX range of PMR and marine two way radios.

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