IC-F61M Maritime UHF Onboard Radio (Discontinued)

The IC-F61M maritime UHF onboard handheld transceiver is the first purpose-designed onboard UHF radio which satisfies all the legal requirements of the onboard UHF specification ETS 300 720-1.

This product is no longer available. If you are looking for a replacement, then the IC-F62D Digital Two Way Radio can be programmed as the same spec as the IC-F61M subject to licensing.

Vibration Alert Function
With a pre-programmed signal/message, the vibration alert function alerts you by vibrating the radio.

Max. 8 Minute Voice Recorder
The built-in voice recorder records incoming calls up to a maximum of 8 minutes. When a specified signal is received, the voice recorder automatically starts recording the message.

Lone Worker Function
When the radio is not operated for a preset period (1 to 255 minutes), the radio sounds a beep and requires the user to push the emergency button. If the emergency button is not pushed for a preset time, an emergency signal is automatically transmitted and informs your co-workers or controller that something may have happened.

Tough & Compact Body
The IC-F61M features an aluminium die-cast chassis combined with a polycarbonate casing. Its compact dimensions of 56(W) x 97(H) x 36.4 (D) mm allow the IC-F61M to fit comfortably in your palm or shirt pocket.

Lithium-Ion Battery Pack Supplied As Standard
With the supplied 1700mAh Lithium-Ion battery pack, BP-227, the IC-F61M provides stable output power and a practical 10 hours* of operating time.
* Typical operation; Tx:Rx:Stand-by duty cycle=5:5:90

IP67, Dust-Tight & Water-Proof Construction
The IC-F61M has IP67 protection against dust and water. The IC-F61M can withstand submersion in 1m depth of water for up to 30 minutes and has dust-tight construction that prevents the ingress of dust.

Built-In Inversion Type Voice Scrambler
The IC-F61M has a built-in inversion type* voice scrambler which provides more secure conversation.
* The inversion type voice scrambler is not compatible with UT-109/UT-110 type voice scrambler.

  • Alphanumeric LCD
  • Built-in signalings
  • Programmable functions
  • Enhanced scanning features
  • VOX headsets available
  • Improved micro filter material
  • Max alert ringer function
  • Optional HM-168 waterproof speaker microphone available that meets IPX7
  • AD-100
    Charger adapter (for use with BC-119N and BC-121N)
  • BC-06
    UK 12v 1Amp charger.
  • BC-119N
    Universal Icom Fast Charger
  • BC-121N
    Six Way Rapid Multi Charger
  • BC-145
    AC adapter for BC-119N & BC-144
  • BC-152
    Slow Desktop Charger for IC-F51 & IC-M87
  • BP-226
    The BP-266 battery case allows you to use 5 standard alkaline batteries AA (R6).
  • BP-227
    7.2V/1700mAh Li-Ion battery pack
  • CP-17L
    Cigar lighter lead for battery chargers
  • FA-S27U
    The FA-S27U is a UHF (400-470MHz) ATEX Antenna for use with the IC-F61 ATEX radio.
  • FA-S57US
    The UHF FA-S57US stubby antennas is designed for the IC-F51, IC-F61 and IC-M87 transceivers.
  • HM-138
    Waterproof Speaker Microphone (equivalent to IPX-7)
  • HM-169
    Waterproof Speaker Microphone.
  • HM-170GP
    IPx7 class environmental protection
  • HS-94
    Headset (Ear-piece type)
  • HS-95
    Provides Hands-free operation.
  • HS-97
    Earphone with Throat-mic
  • MB-96F
    Leather belt clip (Discontinued)
  • MB-96N
    Swivel type leather belt hanger (Swivel joint of the MB-86 is required).
  • OPC-515L
    DC lead for battery chargers
  • OPC-656
    DC Power Cable (for use with various chargers)
  • OPC-966
    OPC-966 Cloning/MAP27 Interface Cable (PC to transceiver)
  • OPC-966U
    USB Cloning Cable - 9-pin connector type for IC-F3060 series
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