I use my IC-R2500 a lot for decoding data on the HF bands. However I had to reinstall windows. Ever since reinstalling the receiver whenever I run another program to decode after a couple of minutes my sound goes. I have no sound at all from the computer and I have to reboot.

The IC-R2500 is attached to the USB socket on your PC. For some reason the audio codec in the PC system set-up always seems to default to the standard USB Audio Codec, and this occurs every time the receiver software starts up. What you need to do is download the latest Receiver Firmware and Software from the following website:


Once you have done this, you should install the updates in the following order;

First of all install the latest firmware for the receiver, then install the latest interface software drivers for the PC. Finally I would recommend reinstalling your audio. Please note that you MUST ALWAYS use the same USB port for the IC-R2500 as the software seems to only configure that specific USB port that the receiver is attached to. If you use another port, then the audio codec will again revert back to the USB Audio Codec and start cutting out again.


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