AT-141 Antenna Tuner

Automatic Antenna Tuner Unit

Weather Resistant
The Icom AT-141 Automatic Antenna Unit is housed in a durable, completely weather resistant ASA case, with a rubber gasket. The antenna tuner can be conveniently installed near the antenna element.

Matches All Bands
The Icom AT-141 matches all frequencies on the HF marine band. For example, the tuner matches a 7 m long-wire antenna across 1.6-30 MHz.

Full Automatic Tuning
Just push the [TUNE] key on the transceiver, and the AT-141 immediately tunes for a minimum SWR on any frequency in the HF marine band.

HF Operation on any Size Ship
The AT-141 allows HF operation where antenna element length is restricted due to space.

45 Memories For Shorter Tuning Time
To decrease the tune-up time, the AT-141 automatically stores the matching conditions for up to 45 frequencies. Retuning a memorized frequency takes approximately 1 second.

The AT-141 Is Compatible With:
Designed for the Icom GM800 GMDSS, and IC-M801E/GMDSS

  • GM800
    The new GM800 MF/HF Transceiver is designed for Class A DSC operation and provides a complete GMDSS MF/HF communication system for Commercial SOLAS regulated vessels. The GM800 meets MED, “wheel mark” requirements for European merchant ships.
  • IC-M801E
    The IC-M801E is based on the IC-M802 NMEA award winning transceiver and meets Class E standards for non-SOLAS vessels.
  • IC-M801GMDSS
    The IC-M801GMDSS is a complete GMDSS package, which includes automatic antenna tuner, telephone handset and external speaker etc. Together the package meets both GMDSS and MED 96/98/EC, “wheel mark” requirements for SOLAS regulated vessels.
  • IC-M803
    The IC-M803 is a long-range MF/HF Class E DSC radio for ocean going sailors such as blue water cruisers that require Single-Side Band (SSB) on board. The IC-M803 is packed with features to keep users safe including an intuitive user interface and colour TFT LCD display, audio replay, GPS and more.
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