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ID-4100E Dualband D-Star Digital Mobile, New!

ID-4100E Dualband D-Star Digital Mobile, New!

The Icom ID-4100E is a new D-STAR mobile radio which will allow you to make digital voice (DV) and data calls through the worldwide D-STAR network. Like the recently launched ID-51E PLUS2 handheld counterpart, the ID-4100E includes new ‘Terminal Mode’* and ‘Access Point Modes’* enabling an operator to make D-STAR Callsign routed calls through the internet, even from areas where no D-STAR repeater is accessible.

Compact in size, the ID-4100E features an easy to read dot matrix display with a backlight selectable in three colours. The controller is also detachable from its main body providing the possibility of different mounting positions.

There is now an App for iOS as well as android devices. The RS-MS1I App (for iOS™ devices) and the RS-MS1A App (for Android™ devices) enable you to wirelessly connect to the ID-4100E and remotely set the DR functions, link with a map application and send/receive messages over the DV mode. In addition, pictures taken by a smart device can be transmitted via the DV Fast Data mode or DV mode.

Other great features of this new radio include:
• Wireless operation with optional VS-3 Bluetooth Headset**
• Integrated GPS Receiver
• Wideband Receiver
• microSD Card Slot for Voice & Data Storage

The ID-4100E Dualband D-STAR mobile will now available from authorised Icom Amateur Radio dealers, with a suggested retail price of £499.99 inc.VAT.

For further details about this new model visit the ID-4100E Product Page.

*“Terminal ID” and “Access Point” features will only work through an Icom D-STAR repeater enabled with the latest G3 Software. The ID-4100E will function only as a normal D-STAR radio until this implementation occurs.
**Optional UT-137 Bluetooth required.

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