IP Radio Solution…Programming Over the Air…Across the North Sea

IP Radio Solution…Programming Over the Air…Across the North Sea

Our IP Advanced Radio System is continually becoming a credible communication solution in numerous commercial market places, none harsher than the fishing industry where Neptune Waterproof has integrated the system to meet the demands of such an inhospitable environment.

James Bignall from Neptune said, ‘We designed a robust communication system for the heavy demands of a trawler with a full duplex ‘intercom’ for the deck workers which can be monitored from the Bridge, and via audio with the skipper using the IP100FS IP PC dispatcher to see where his crew are. The ability of the skipper to monitor the crew intercom helps with safety and efficiency.’

‘The IP100H communicator/handset is incorporated into this system as part of the headset. It provides over eighteen hours operating time as well as full duplex communication which is ideal for this application.’

‘The IP Advanced Radio Solution provides a great alternative to the ‘traditional’ solution of ‘shouting’ on deck. Latterly since the Peltor DECT II System was discontinued, there has been a gaping hole in the market for on-board wire free intercom. That in conjunction with SOLAS regulations mandating helmets onboard gave us an opportunity to step in.’

We have the system on several trawlers now. Each system utilises a VE-PG3 interconnect ROIP that connects to the vessels via V-SAT which means that the vessel radio systems can be programmed over the air from our service centre in Surrey …now that’s clever.’


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