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Icom Director Celebrates 25 Years of Service

Icom Director Celebrates 25 Years of Service

Company director Andy Stockley (G8ELP) has recently joined an exclusive club at radio Communication Company Icom UK. Andy joins a select group of people who have completed 25 years of service at Icom. Andy not only joins his dad Dave Stockley (G4ELP) who founded the company but also Managing Director Philip Hadler (G4CZU), IT Manager Jerry Kelk (G4JMP), Workshop Manager Chris Gibbs (G8GHH) and Bought Ledger Co-ordinator Carol Harvey.

When asked about his time spent at Icom Andy replied, “During my school days I used to help out during the weekends and in the school holidays. After finishing school I joined the company full time where my first job was packing goods and running them to the post office. I used to work at a small bench, with just a set of scales and brown paper to wrap the goods. Since then I have been involved in sales and in 1989 I became stores manager. I spent about 7 years in stores until I moved into my current position and a few years back I was overjoyed to become a director”.

He went onto say, “At first I found it awkward working with my family all the time but now it feels like its second nature. I really enjoy how close we are, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I enjoy my job immensely and especially enjoy the responsibility of ensuring the credit returns are completed and liasing with other Icom agents world-wide. Its great to see what started out as a hobby can turn into a worthy career, I’ve been very lucky.”

Dave Stockley said, “I am very pleased that Andy’s completed 25 years of service here. Both my sons work with me and I am very proud that it is a real family business”. With the growing number of people who have completed over 25 years at Icom, Dave commented, “I feel that staff appreciate good working conditions. The directors’ doors are always open (well nearly always!) enabling staff to air their views and settle problems as quickly as possible. I find it very rewarding knowing that we have such a positive working environment here."

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