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Icom Inc. and Fylde Micro Announce dPMR Mode 3 Collaboration

Icom Inc. and Fylde Micro Announce dPMR Mode 3 Collaboration

Icom Inc. and Fylde Micro Ltd, based in Blackpool have officially announced the joint development of Mode 3 dPMR equipment. This partnership brings together the pioneering work undertaken by Icom in 6.25 kHz narrowband digital protocol development with the unrivalled experience amassed by Fylde in the development of rugged and reliable trunked radio systems over the past 25 years.

The aim is to provide customers with high quality trunked and networked radio systems ranging in size from a single channel right through to wide area networks of several hundred sites.

Fylde and Icom are both founding members of the dPMR MoU group, and have been major contributors to the content of the ETSI dPMR standards. This collaboration seeks to bring to reality the results of this standards making work in the form of the system products to be offered. It will also be the first example of multi-vendor, interoperable dPMR equipment, which is one of the goals of the ETSI open standards architecture that dPMR is.

About dPMR
dPMR is digital radio protocol specifically targeting highly functional solutions by using low cost and low complexity technology. dPMR is a narrowband (6.25 kHz) FDMA technology that offers many forms of voice and/or data applications. dPMR exists in a range of functional levels. Tier 1 dPMR446 license-free, Tier 2, Mode 1 licensed peer to peer, Mode 2 base station and repeater use and Mode 3 multi-site wide area networked systems. The FDMA protocol specified in both TS102 490 and TS102 658 ETSI standards complies with the European Harmonised Standard EN301 166-2 for use in 6.25 kHz channels.

More information on dPMR can be found at the following web site: .

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