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Icom strengthens its IDAS Digital Range to Include dPMR

Icom strengthens its IDAS Digital Range to Include dPMR

Icom have now strengthened its range of digital radio solutions to include the new European digital protocol, dPMR. The new dPMR variant will allow European customers to benefit from even more choice including European type analogue signaling. All current Icom IDAS digital models are upgradable to dPMR.

dPMR uses the same hardware as current IDAS radios which means that all Icom IDAS equipment currently available is upgradeable to dPMR. The dPMR range is virtually identical featuring handhelds (IC-F3162 series), mobiles (IC-F5062 series) and repeater (IC-FR5100 series) all of which are capable of providing the same digital benefits of digital/analogue mixed mode operation, 6.25 kHz spectrum efficient channel spacing, outstanding audio, superb noise cancelling properties and secure communication

Icom’s digital range already offers a comprehensive range of handheld radios, mobile radios, repeaters, network interface/trunking controllers, IP-based virtual radios, security management systems, GPS tracking etc. dPMR offers even more solutions and is divided into four product categories: dPMR446, Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 based on the sophistication on the customer need.

dPMR446 (Licence Free)
Icom, at present, are the only manufacturer to have on the market a licence-free product for use in peer to peer (handheld to handheld) operations without base stations or repeaters in the 446 MHz UHF band. The IC-F4029SDR is a professional, digital licence free, transceiver that provides fantastic audio quality, secure communications, status messaging and high performance - with no licence fee to pay.

dPMR Mode 1
This is the general purpose peer to peer application of dPMR for all forms of licenced PMR use. There are many commercial applications such as on building sites, within shops, hotels, sports centres etc where the use of repeaters is not required. Handhelds such as the IC-F3162 series or mobiles such as the IC-F5062 series easily fulfil this need. dPMR Mode 1 offers simple, easily implemented radio functionality for such local area coverage. Base station (non repeater type) radios can still be interconnected to IT networks via IP and exploit both text messaging and voice calls using the voice and data functionality of dPMR.

dPMR Mode 2
This is the standard licenced PMR version that includes all base station and repeater functionality allowing interfaces via gateways (Telephone, IP etc). This dPMR solution will be popular for business and industrial users or local government services where a normal repeater coverage area is adequate. The dPMR version of the IC-FR5100 repeater with UC-FR5000 IDAS Trunking board fitted allows a company to operate a single-site digital Trunking system solution (dPMR version coming soon, available in IDAS NXDN already).

dPMR Mode 3 - Coming Soon
dPMR Mode 3 offers managed multi-site complex systems. This is the dPMR solution for either very large business, industry or government services where wide area multisite, multichannel trunked repeaters are required. The dPMR version of the UC-FR5000 IDAS digital Trunking and network controller board, which easily installs into the IC-FR5100 repeater means that an IDAS system can provide a digital radio infrastructure over a much larger geographical area up to national coverage if required. The new controller board allows a business to utilise a conventional IP network to connect dispersed sites over different cities, counties or even countries.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK Ltd said,' IDAS offers business and industry users a wide range of solutions and now even more so with dPMR. If you are interested in any of our digital communication solutions please contact our systems department at:’

For details of the IDAS product range go to

Icom are founder members of the dPMR MOU group that created this digital protocol and have been instrumental in its development.

Icom UK Systems Department -

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