IC-M802 MF/HF Marine SSB Transceiver (Discontinued)

The IC-M802 marine single-sideband (SSB) transceiver is available for customers who operate or sail under a non EU flag. It's a marine SSB which includes Digital Selective Calling (DSC) for automated ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore messaging that doubles as a powerful MF/HF radio transceiver, and triples as an e-mail conduit for wireless computer-to-computer connections.

This product is no longer available. If you are looking for a replacement, then please visit the IC-M804 MF/HF Marine SSB Transceiver product page.

* Please note that this product does not have type approval for the UK for UK vessels.

This IC-M802 SSB features a remote head measuring only 220mm wide, 110mm high (the industry standard size), and 84.4mm deep. The 'black box' main body of the transceiver mounts out of the way and out of sight. 12-volt wires hook up directly to the transceiver black box, and this same black box also hooks into a GPS, laptop computer, and e-mail modem. There's an accessory jack for an external speaker mountable independently of the remote head. There are automatic antenna tuner connections for the remote Icom automatic antenna coupler.

The IC-M802's front panel sports a full keypad, allowing direct frequency entry. The large dot-matrix display offers 10 levels of backlighting and is easy to see, day or night. Large dials and buttons allow for easy operation in rough seas. A first for a consumer SSB radio is the addition of an e-mail access button, allowing one-touch activation. Icom have included a headphone jack on the front panel, allowing the operator to work the radio without waking the crew.

The new Icom SSB has increased power output to 150 watts, with selectable battery-saving, low-power settings for both voice and data transmissions. The radio is factory pre-programmed with 242 international and domestic duplex ship-to-shore channels, 72 international and domestic ship-to-ship channels, 662 international and domestic data duplex channels, plus 160 user-programmable favourite frequency channels that are dealer downloaded for your specific geographic cruising areas.

State-of-the-art Digital Selective Calling (DSC) is built into the IC-M802 to meet Global Marine Distress Safety System Category (GMDSS) E guidelines. Rescue agencies throughout the world are 100% operational on high-frequency DSC, thus giving the capability to dial into any or all rescue agencies and place a data call for help. The IC-M802 ties into a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver and your position is immediately relayed as part of that DSC packet. If time permits, you may also select the nature of your distress.

The DSC feature may also be used for routine calls, test calls, geographic calls to any GMDSS-equipped vessel in your area, as well as individual ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore calls. These features will be of benefit to race committees keeping track of their regatta throughout the world. Ship stations could electronically call their local yacht club over long-range frequencies without the need for anyone to monitor the frequency open channel. Calling for help will automatically activate powerful Coast Guard communications stations which are linked together by computer to alert the appropriate rescue agency to handle your “digital” call for help.

Many mariners want e-mail capabilities over marine SSB. The new IC-M802 builds in automatic filter selection without the need for additional hardware. It is e-mail ready as soon as you select your multimode data controller (a radio modem).

  • The latest in Icom SSB technology and construction
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) virtually eliminates noise and interference.
  • Pin-drop clear voice reception
  • Digital processing improves data efficiency
  • Industry standard 110mm x 220mm size remote controller
  • Easy to install
  • Same faceplate proportions as many other marine electronics devices
  • Family look with Icom marine VHF family
  • Only about 100 mm deep, the remote controller fits in nearly any nav station. The cabinet is designed to self flush-mount, hiding the hole cut for the remote controller.
  • Mounting bracket for the remote controller and the speaker is included, in case you choose not to flush mount the radio.
  • Mounting bracket for the main unit is also included. With its small footprint (less than a foot square), you can mount the main unit in more out of the way places, like under the navigator’s seat or behind a bulkhead.
  • Separate external speaker (required and included) allows you to place the sound where it’s needed most
  • 150 watts of power, 100% duty cycle
  • All modes, including RTTY
  • Receive 500 kHz - 29.9999 MHz
  • Monitor all 976 ITU voice and data channels, HAM bands and aircraft WX channels.
  • 1355 channels
  • 160 user programmable memory channels, each identified by either alpha characters, channel number or frequency.
  • Multiple scanning modes
  • Rugged main unit metal chassis
  • Direct keypad entry
  • Large backlit, dot-matrix LCD display with 10 selectable lighting levels
  • Large tactile knobs, easy to use in rough marine conditions
  • Backlit keypad, eliminating guesswork when operating in a dark cabin.
  • New automatic antenna tuner AT-140 matches the transceiver to a long wire antenna.
  • New, pre-wired cable connection points makes installation easier than ever.
  • Pass-through tuning automatically tunes for reception.
  • Simple electrical connections for easy installation
  • Easy to read and understand owners manual
  • Extended 3 year warranty available
  • AH-710
    2-30MHZ Folded dipole antenna
  • AT-130
    Antenna Tuner for 1.6–30 MHz (with 7 m; 23.0 ft or longer antenna element)
  • AT-141
    Automatic Antenna Tuner Unit
  • HM-135
    Hand Microphone for IC-M802
  • MB-75
    Marine Flush Mount Kit
  • MN-100
    Antenna Matcher (Comes with two 8m-antenna wires)
  • SP-24/E
    Standard External Speaker for IC-M801, IC-M802 and GM800

The first in a series of videos by Captain John going through different aspects of using the IC-M802 MF/HF Marine SSB Transceiver.

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