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New Video: Reviewing the IC-R15 Communications Receiver

New Video: Reviewing the IC-R15 Communications Receiver

Bob McCreadie (G0FGX) from TX Films takes Icom's new IC-R15 Communications Receiver to Hayton in Dartmoor to give an overview of this new radio.

In the video Bob...

- Provides an introduction to this radio and an overview of the standard accessories
- Gives an overview of some of the radio's features including the menu screen, MicroSD slot, headphone socket, USB socket and Bluetooth capability.
- Demonstrates how to manually program frequencies.
- Demonstrate the scanning capabilities of the IC-R15.
- Talks about other features, including Automatic Noise Limiter, Voice Squelch and Record Mode.

To watch this video on our YouTube channel, click on:
'Reviewing the IC-R15 Communications Receiver'.

For further details about this receiver, visit the 'IC-R15 Communications Receiver Product Page'.

For more information about TX Factor and their video programme dedicated to the great hobby of Amateur Radio, visit

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