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Icom support Rapid Chariots at Silverstone Britcar 24 Hour Race

Icom support Rapid Chariots at Silverstone Britcar 24 Hour Race

Bob Stockley, Icom UK Sales and Marketing Director has recently joined local motorsport team Rapid Chariots. They will be competing in the Britcar 24hr race at Silverstone which takes place between the 9th and 11th of September.

Rapid Chariots are an established, semi-professional team based in Canterbury and will be racing their Lotus Exige in the S1 production class, which is for road cars with limited modifications and tuning. Bob will be sharing the driving with Rupert Laslett and Alan Wilshire.

Rupert Laslett, team owner and driver has raced in various championships and events over the last 10 years. Alan Wilshire is a race car instructor who has raced in various classes and previous 24hr events including Spa, Le Mans and Dubai.

The race weekend, takes place on the full FIA GP circuit at Silverstone with qualifying on Friday. There will be several support races including British GT and Sportscars on Saturday. The race itself will start at 5PM Saturday and will run through the evening, night and following day.The organisers are trying to create a party / festival atmosphere for this unique event. A fair, bands, bars and various shops and stalls are all planned for spectators during the weekend.

Icom have provided the team with 6 IC-F22SR handheld radios, 2 IC-F25 handheld radios and 2 IC-F110S mobile radios to help with the communications between the pit crew and the driver. Icom are looking to provide a Radio Messaging and Logging system (RMS-Net) in the future.

Bob Stockley said, 'This is going to be a fantastic weekend, it’s the first 24 hour event in the UK for over 20 years and everyone is really looking forward to it. I’d like to thank everyone at Icom for their support and look forward to seeing many of them at Silverstone this weekend'.

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