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Norwegian Icom distributor, VHF COMMUNICATION AS, has recently secured a sponsorship agreement with the Ugland Offshore Class One Powerboat Racing Team to supply radio communication equipment for its powerboat and pit crew team. Each boat features an IC-M401 fixed VHF Marine transceiver fitted into the console. Also fitted to each boat is an IC-F210 UHF PMR Transceiver for communications onshore. Both fixed units are connected to an intercom mixer with GSM/UHF/VHF interface. Each boat features a massive ICOM logo on the foredeck

VHF COMMUNICATION AS has also supplied six IC-F22 UHF PMR transceivers and two IC-M87 VHF Marine handheld transceivers for the team’s pit crew and for communication in the hospitality areas. The M87's are used by the team rescue unit for communication with other ships and teams in a rescue operation. The team will also be using Icom accessories including throat microphones and headsets.

Reidar Kjelsrud of VHF COMMUNICATION AS, Oslo said, ’ An important part of the deal is the team's use of different ICOM radios and accessories for test purposes. We now have a golden opportunity to get our equipment tested in extreme conditions. Except for the mixer interface, all equipment is standard Icom without any modifications.’ For more details of the Ugland Offshore Racing Team go to

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